Family Traditions – Week 3

Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other members of your household the following questions in order to collect as much information about your family’s’ traditions as you can:


1) In what countries did the members of your family originate?

2) What are some of the holidays your family celebrates?

3) What are some of the things you do as a family to celebrate these holidays?

4) What special songs do you sing to celebrate these holidays?

5) What special foods are served on these holidays?

6) Why is it important that families have traditions and do things together?


I hope you enjoy finding out more about your family and your family’s special traditions.

I will be looking forward to reading all your replies.

Mrs Ponzo

64 thoughts on “Family Traditions – Week 3

  1. my parent are from Vietnam.

    we do Vietnamese new year and we hang red pockets with money in it and pick one off the tree.

    my family does not sing a song for Vietnamese new year.

    We eat a barbecue

    it is important to have traditions so you can pass it down to other generations in your family.

    it is important to do things together so you know you family well.

    • Hi Leanne,
      Its lovely to read about your family’s traditions. Do you always have the barbecue at your house, or do you share it around with other family members? Has this tradition been passed onto you? Do you think you will continue the tradition when you get older? I hope so!

      Mrs Ponzo

  2. My family comes from Vietnam and Egypt

    in Vietnam we celebrate Vietnamese new year.

    we usually have a tree and we hang red envelops with money and then all your family and friends takes one off the tree or sometimes we just give the envelops.

    there are no songs we sing during this celebration.

    my family has a feast with seafood steamboat
    and spring rolls.

    Vietnamese new year is important because families gather together and is a time to remember the ancestor and for the kids to have fun and get money from your family members or from other families.

    • Great traditions Thomas!
      You are very lucky that your parents come from two different backgrounds, so that you can share in two different sets of traditions.
      Just a question, what do you mean by steamboat?

      Mrs Ponzo

  3. My parents are from Italy.
    My family celebrate Easter, Christmas, birthdays, and Anniversarys.
    We get together and celebrate with food.
    We sing the happy birthday song.
    We eat lasagna, Italian donuts, pizza, and roast.
    So the traditions can be passed on when I have my family.

  4. -my family originates from the Philippines
    -the patrons feast,christmas,easter,ANZAC day and flower festival
    -decorate the streets, cook foods,
    -chris chringle
    -leche flan, lechon (spit roast pig).
    – it is important because you need to be with family all the time rather than be with your friends.

    • Hi John,
      Great answers, they sound like wonderful traditions. Could you just rewrite your answers and put them in sentences rather than dot points.

      Mrs Ponzo

      • Dear Mrs Ponzo,

        My family originates in the Philippines.

        My family celebrates the patrons feast, christmas, easter and flower festival.

        The things that we do as a family to celebrate these holidays are decorate the streets and cook food. During easter we fast.

        The special song that we sing on Christmas with my family during our kris kringle is “I love my monito…”

        The special foods that we serve during the holidays are leche flan and lechon (spit roast pig).

        It is important that families have traditions and do things together because you need to be with family most of the time and celebrate together.

  5. My family members are from India.
    My family celebrate Diwali, Holi, Durga pooja
    We get together and celebrate with lights, colours and by praying.We don’t have special song.We eat sweets, malpuaa and for Durga pooja we fast. It’s Important because it matter’s which tradition are you from .

    • Wow Maithili your family’s traditions sound like lots of fun! I have not heard of the foods that you wrote but I am sure that they are absolutely delicious! Are there special times of the year that these traditions are celebrated?

      Mrs Ponzo

  6. Hey everyone,
    My parents are from Lebanon.

    My family celebrates Eater, Christmas, Birthday, and LENT.

    We get together and celebrate singing a song.

    We singing birthday songs Christmas songs and lot of other songs.

    We eat hommes tabole meat and lots of other Lebanese food.

    We have fun with each other and we celebrate lots of things and it is imported that we celebrate together.

    from Joelle

  7. Hello 4h and miss ponzo
    My family originate is South Sudan
    My family celebrates Christmas South Sudan new year and birthdays and new year day
    My family celebrants birthdays Christmas African traditional dancing
    My family sings a song to remember those who died and the song was john crosses songs.
    My family eat gami and other yummy food.
    It’s important to do traditions because the remember the people who died

    • Hi Nyandeng,
      You said that your family sings john crosses songs, what type of songs are they? What is gami? It is lovely to see that you and your family stop to remember that family members that have passed away.
      Mrs Ponzo

  8. My family originates from China and Malaysia.

    We celebrate Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival and Winter festival.

    How we celebrate the winter Festival is by coming together your cousins, aunties, uncles and even your relatives to have a dinner or a feast.

    We mainly eat Pigs, Chicken and rice.

    We do not sing any songs.

    So we can play and have fun together and celebrate.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Do you spend time at different family members houses to celebrate these traditions? For example your house or a relative’s house?
      Mrs Ponzo

  9. My family members are from Vietnam.

    Every two years, we go to America to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents,cousins,uncles and aunties.

    When its Christmas day(25th of December)we sit near the Christmas treein a circle and then we all get one present and we all open our present at the same time.

    Sometimes we sing a Christmas song and sometimes we don’t.

    Its important that families have traditions because having traditions makes us excited and happy and so we can rest our brains.

    • Hi Kayla,

      Christmas at your family sounds like lots of fun! I was wondering, what do you do every alternate year (the year you don’t go to America)?
      Mrs Ponzo

  10. Hi Mrs Ponzo and 4H

    My family come from Italy.
    My family celebrates Easter and Christmas.
    By getting together and celebrate this holidays at my nans and nonnos house.
    We don”t sing songs but me and my cousin Klarissa we do a dance every Christmas.
    We eat lasagna and roast meats, arancini balls, vegetables, salads followed by beautiful desserts like gelati, tiramisu, trifles, cheese cakes, Italian cannoli cakes.

    Because it’s nice to celebrate things that are import to you and your family and it brings the family together as group to have happy time to remember forever

    From Bianca

    • Hi Bianca,

      I have similar traditions to you and we also eat the same types of food. What is your favourite?

      Mrs Ponzo

      • Hi Mrs Ponzo,

        my favourite food is Italian cannoli cakes because I love when they have the chocolate in them and the vanilla on the other side.



  11. My Mum and Dad come from Eritrean.
    We celebrate independence day and Eritrean day.
    We do sing a song called the eritean song.
    chilly food with chicken.
    we dance sometime with partners.
    That’s how we celebrate independence day and Eritrean day to.From Mewal

  12. hi everybody,
    i love all your post they are so cool.All the food sounds dielices next time you have a hoilyday can i come over some leftoverds.

  13. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo,

    My family comes from the Philippines, Scotland and Australia.
    The holidays that we celebrate are Christmas, Easter and New Years.
    On Christmas and Easter we go to church as a family to thank God for all our blessings. We then have lunch with all our family together. Every body brings food to share. On Easter we have a egg hunt with all the kids. On new years we go to the city to watch fireworks.
    My Grandpa and auntie Lisa like to sing Christmas songs.
    It is important to have traditions so we can spend time together as a family.

    • Hi Kye,
      Your family traditions sound wonderful. It’s lovely to hear how you and your family celebrates various traditions. I agree with your last sentence; it is important to spend time with your family.

      Thanks for a brilliant comment.
      Mrs Ponzo

  14. Dear Mrs Ponzo,
    My parents originate from the Philippines.
    We celebrate Christmas,New Year,and a festival that we call fiesta and in may we go to the statue of ,Mary and offer flowers and sing songs for her every day in May we do that.
    We celebrate birthdays, ANZAC day, labor day and Easter.
    we sing a song that is not titled and it is in Tagalog.
    In special days we make Filipino food such as munudo and picadilio.
    It is important to celebrate as a family and do things together because sometimes it is the only time we can see our other relatives.

    From Jericho

  15. Dear Mrs Ponzo,
    My parents originate from the Philippines.
    We celebrate Christmas,New Year,and a festival that we call fiesta and in may we go to the statue of ,Mary and offer flowers and sing songs for her every day in May we do that.
    We celebrate birthdays, ANZAC day, labor day and Easter.
    we sing a song that is not titled and it is in Tagalog.
    In special days we make Filipino food such as munudo and picadilio.
    It is important to celebrate as a family and do things together because sometimes it is the only time we can see our other relatives.

    • Hi Jericho,
      It’s great to hear the traditions that your family follows. You wrote about two foods, could you explain what they are?

      Mrs Ponzo

      • The foods that i wrote down were munudo and picadilio. munudo has pork tomato sauce, garlic, onions and raisins.
        Picadilio has pork potatoes and carrots raisins
        green peas and another type of a pea.

  16. Hi 4H,
    Both my parents and my grandparents were born in Australia, One of my great grandparents was born in England, two of my great grandparents were Irish and one was born in Australia.
    Our family celebrates Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers and Father’s Day and New Year.
    Christmas: We surprise mum with breakfast in bed.
    Easter: After I’ve seen my egg, I go and sneak and look at my sisters eggs.
    We sing happy birthday.
    Some Dumplings on birthdays, Home-made cakes on any occasion.
    It’s important for or family to see each other and play with each other.



    • Hi Shaun,
      Great comment! I agree with your comment about spending time with your family, it is very important.

      Enjoy your weekend
      Mrs Ponzo

  17. Hi Everyone,

    My parents come from Australia! We celebrate Christmas, ANZAC Day, Easter and Australia Day. During Easter and Christmas we go to our Nanny’s house to have Roast and we have puddings most of the time for dessert. On Christmas we sing songs like Jingle bells and We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    I hope you enjoy reading my comments

    From Mary

    • hello Mary
      i like you comment its good that your family celebrates Christmas Anzac day ester and Australia day i like the way you got your nanny house.but i have one question do you go to different country’s?

    • Hi Mary,
      You have some lovely family traditions. It’s nice to hear that when you go to your nanny’s house you have similar deserts, I guess it’s something for you to look forward too!

      Have a great weekend.
      Mrs Ponzo

    • Hi Noah,
      Where is the rest of your comment. I can only see the part about the birthday. Where are all your other answers?

      Mrs Ponzo

  18. To all the wonderful bloggers of 4H,
    have really enjoyed reading the important aspects and celebrations of your family traditions.
    It is interesting that some countries have specific celebrations native to their country. That is what makes it truly unique and special. On the other hand, we have common celebrations such as Easter and Christmas. Even though they are common celebrations, how we celebrate with our family is what makes them unique and special.
    I look forward to reading more!
    Mrs C

  19. Hi 4H bloggers!
    My family came from Vietnam! One of my days my family celebrates are new years day, and the full moon festival!

    In the new years day, my family gives everyone money as for good luck! My family didn’t sing or sang any songs, my family eats on this day, some meat such as pig, pork, and other kinds!

    For the moon festival my family goes out and just have some fun! also my family didn’t sang any songs on this day! The things that I ate with my family are some more meat, and this is the special food on this day, Moon Cake!

    It is important to do these traditions because if you don’t celebrate these traditions, most people believe that if you don’t, then you would have bad luck for a month!
    Lina 4H

  20. Hi Lina!

    Thanks for the advice. I think that from now on, I’m going to celebrate my traditions seriously! I think that bad luck can come to the worst of it.

    -Your friend,
    Tallulah 4G

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