Community Classrooms – Term 2 (Week 4)


Answer the following questions about Community Classrooms:

1)     What is a Community Classroom Afternoon?

2)     Why is it important for you to share your work with your parents at school?

3)     What has been your experience of Community Classrooms in the past (either in 2013 or in Term 1 of 2014)?

4)     What would you like your parents to see in a future Community Classroom Afternoon?

5)     Share your highlight of the Community Classroom Afternoon in Week 4 of Term 2.


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  1. Hi Mrs. Ponzo,

    1)Community Afternoon is a time were your parents have a look at their child’s work and is also were the parents can hang out.
    2)It is important to share your work to your parents because they can see what you have been doing.
    3)My experience in Community Afternoon in 2013 was brilliant because it was my first time ever and it was fun.
    4)I would like my mum to have a look at my reading or writing because it seems interesting to what she has to say.
    5)Since it was a maths edition my mum,my sister and I played Where’s my number.

    • Hi Mia,
      What a lovely thing to say about Community Afternoons! What a great idea to have a Literacy based C/C!

      Thanks fir your detailed responses!

      See you at school!
      Mrs Ponzo

  2. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    Community afternoon is when your parents come and look what you have been learning in class and they are maybe can play those games or things with you.

    It is important to show your parents because they may ask you what are you doing at school and that is the opportunity for you to show them what you are doing at school.

    I liked how you can meet parents that you not really see, you can say hi to them. It’s fun to show your parents what you have done at school.

    I would like to see in the future a little more things to do and some board games to play.

    I like the game on the computer because I like the
    missions because they are fun to play.



    • Hi Bianca,

      What a great response and I’m g;ad you had a good time!

      I look forward to the next one.

      Mrs Ponzo

  3. Community afternoon is a time after school when you play games that help you with your learning.

    It is important to show your work to your parents so your parents know what you are learning in class and to help you do your work.

    My experience of the community afternoon is how I spent my time with my mum showing her my work and the puzzle that I have made.

    I would like my parents to see the whole classroom see all my classmates and next door.(friends)

    I liked the game up and down where you give out four cards and you flip them up and a person says ready set go and you have to put the card in order smallest to largest

    • Hi Leanne,
      I hope your enjoyed having the doors open during our latest C/C! I sure did, it was nice to have parents and students walking in and out.
      Happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

      See you at school!

      Mrs Ponzo

  4. Hi 4H,
    I think C/A is about family’s bonding and getting to know each other and showing your family members your work.

    It is important because to show your work is to let the parents know what you’ve been up to at school.

    My experience of C/A was funny photos, Fun times and a lot of success.

    My dad said He would like some pizza in the C/A.

    My highlight of the term 2 C/A was showing my parents the maths games especially Mission Mental Maths

  5. Hi, Mrs. Ponzo I think community classroom afternoon is about letting other parents meet and be friends. It is important to let your parents see your work because some parents think their kids don’t study they just talk and talk. My experience was telling my parents what I did in the class. My parents would like only fruits in community classroom afternoon. My highlight of term 2 C/A was showing my dad maths games. I can’t wait for the next C/A .

  6. hi Mrs Ponzo,
    A community afternoon is for showing what you learn at school and so that your parents understand what your doing and also your parents can help you understand what your doing at school

    I think sharing your work with your parents is important because your parents can learn or understand what your doing at school and so that your parents can help you with what your doing.

    my experience of community afternoon is playing the fun games with our parents and friends.

    I would like my parents to see what we’ve been doing during Faith Life Inquiry and how it works the next community classroom afternoon.

    In the next community afternoon i would like to just play any games for examples board games and other fun games.

    I like the games that we play at community afternoon. I liked the game highest number wins in was fun to play with my parents i lost all the time.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I like the way your always include detailed answers!
      I agree with your statement about why we have community afternoons. It is very important for your parents to be involved in your learning, so they can help you at home.

      See you soon.

      Mrs Ponzo

  7. Hey every one,

    I think community afternoon is were your friends and family to be in your shoes and learn all what you have done in class. It is important for your parents to see all the work you have been doing. I have been in two community afternoons and it is a blast seeing your friends work and your parent seeing your work. My highlight of the C/A is communicating with your friends and family and looking at your past work. I have an idea of the next C/A is we do a FLI one because we do lots of FLI.

  8. Dear 4H,

    A Community classroom afternoon is about our parents meeting other parents and looking at our work that we have done in learning this term and last term.

    It is important for your parents to look at your work because they would like to see what you have learnt this term and help you, if you need help for something at school.

    My experience in community classroom afternoon is when I showed my dad my work puzzle that I have created for him and me to do and it was a fun activity.
    I liked having cordial and chips with my dad.

    I’d like to see my PowerPoint presentation that I have created in I.C.T class.

    I liked the game mission maths game and the thing that I liked about the game is the missions that we had to do to complete the game.

    Kye Alberto

  9. Hi 4H,

    I think Community Afternoon is when your parents and family come over to have a chat and learn the things that you are doing in the classroom.

    It is very important because they can learn along with you and you can show them how to play or do what you are doing.

    I have on experienced only about 15min but in that 15min I had a great time playing the card game that we have not played yet.

    I would like to see in the future maybe even entertainment happening while having the Community Classroom Afternoon.

    I really liked the card game because you had to get 5 points to win the game and sometimes it was hard to remember the value of the card-Kings, Queens and Jacks.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I like your suggestion to include entertainment at a future community afternoon.
      Great reply by the way, very detailed!

      Mrs Ponzo

  10. Dear Mrs Ponzo,Community Afternoon is when you show your parents what have done lately in the classroom.
    It is important to share with your family because if your not good at a subject they can always help you.It has been surprising for how we changed and instead do some maths games.Maybe next time we can change the subject every time we have a Community Afternoon.I can’t really explain because i couldn’t stay but the last minutes i stayed i could tell we were exited.

    From Jericho 4H

  11. Community Afternoon is parents and friends be a community. it is important to share your work with your parents so they can learn to.I experience that I never had a maths one before. I loved the game highest number wins. I have an idea lets have a writing community afternoon.

    • Hi Mewal,

      Thank you for re-writing your answers! Your idea for a future C/C is great. I have heard that suggestion a few times now.

      Have a good night.

      Mrs Ponzo

  12. Greetings everyone,
    1) A community classroom afternoon is when your relatives and friends gather in a classroom or a house or a a school and share all the work we have been doing and we can also share other things like a special thing that you have like charm or a keyring and lots more.

    2) It is important to share your work with your parents because they might be able to help you with your work and maybe come up with an idea of a game or an exercise that we can do or play.

    3) My experience of community classroom afternoon is meeting all the parents from both grades and I found them very nice and polite.

    4) I would like my parents to see maybe a slideshow of pictures of us learning and having lots of fun.

    5) My highlight of community classroom afternoon is all the maths games because I show my mum all the games and how to play it but she didn’t really want to play because she mostly enjoys talking to the other parents like Tam’s mum and his sister and Joseph’s mum and his sister.

    Suggestion: I think for our next community classroom afternoon we can add a song about gathering and having fun so the parents can dance and have a little fun.

    • Hi Kayla,

      I guess another important aspect of the C/C is parents getting to know one another and connecting. Its great to hear that your mum enjoys coming to our C/C to see your work and also to talk with other parents.

      Enjoy your night Kayla

      See you tomorrow
      Mrs Ponzo

  13. Hello Everyone,

    I think Community Afternoon is a great time to show your parents and family members some of your work that you have been doing!

    It is important to share your work with your parents and family members because they can look at your work and see if they can help you with improvement over the skill you need work on!

    My experience with with Community Afternoon has been great! I have always had lots of fun! I really playing games with my family at Community Afternoon!

    My mum and I had an idea of doing a Reading and Writing Community Afternoon!

    At this weeks Community Afternoon I liked playing Up and Down because I was very fast but one of my friends kept on beating be just by a few seconds! I also liked Misson Mental Maths which you can play on this blog at this very minute!

    Speak to you soon,

    From Mary

    • Hi Mary,

      Great suggestion from your mum! We will keep it in mind for the future C/C.

      I hope you are feeling better. See you tomorrow.

      Mrs Ponzo

  14. Hi 4H
    1) it is when you show your parents the work you have been doing in class.
    2) so your parents can see how you are going
    3) my experience was great , I got to show my mum the math game on the laptop.
    4) to see me do some work
    5)I got to see my friends families

  15. Hi Mrs. Ponzo and 4H

    1)A C/A is a time when parents take a look at their child work and what they have been doing at school

    2)it is important to share your work with your parents because if you don’t share with your parents they won’t know you have been doing at school.

    3)I enjoyed 2013’s C/A and my experience with it was very enjoyable knowing it was my first ever C/A

    4)the next C/A i would like the subject to be writing or FLI and if there is food, i would like the food to be fruit

    5)My highlights of C/A has to be the maths games because it is the main thing about our community afternoon

  16. dear 4H and mis ponso
    community after noon is when you parents come see what you have been is important
    to show your parents your work so if you mom and dad say what have you been learning insted of experiences was learning more games with my family and solving problems.ild like to see my parents to be happy at my work and proud at week 4 term 2 me And my family would ike some food their.
    nyandeng gwuad

  17. Hi 4H bloggers!

    A Community Afternoon Classroom is a place where parents meet together and see all of their children’s work!

    Its important for the children’s/child’s work to be seen because it shows what you have really done at school and all the effort the child has put in! Its better to look more to hear!

    My experience for the Community Afternoon Classroom is that in 2013: It was very exiting! I had so much fun last year! 2014: I was their for about 15 minutes and sooner or later, parents start coming in the classrooms! That was very quick for all the Grade 4’s!

    My parents would like to see in the future fro the next Community Afternoon Classroom is a little bit of food! Just some healthy food, such as fruit, vegetables and so much more! The food is NOT too Classy, NOT to formal, but JUST right! So it wont be OP (Over Powered) at the food table!

    My highlight for Community Afternoon Classroom is that only I was just at the 2014 one for 15 minutes, but for my highlight, it was amazing! For me opening the doors in Grade 4 is so amazing as very surprising!

    Hope you enjoy reading this! 🙂
    -Lina 4H

  18. It is a place that your parents can see your work and they can chat to other parents.

    It is important to share your work with your parents because they can see what you are doing at school.

    My experience is playing Maths and different games with my parents.

    My parents would like to see more food in the future.

    My highlight was playing mission mental maths with my parents.

  19. Hi 4H,

    I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for a new week at school.

    Thank you for all your comments, I really enjoyed reading about your Community Classrooms experiences and suggestions about how we could improve them in the future.

    Have a great night.
    See you all tomorrow.

    Mrs Ponzo

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