Family History – Week 6

It is important that we know our own family history and where our family  came from. Interview one of your family members to find out more.


1.When did you come to Australia?

2.Why did you decide to come to Australia?

3.Was it hard to come to a new country? Why, why not?

4.Do you call Australia home? Why, why not?

5.Do you still have family in the country of your birth, or the country  you left?

6.Do you think coming to Australia was a good decision?

7.What is your best memory about living here in Australia.

If your family was born in Australia you might like to find out more about  your family’s ancestors here in Australia!

Write two or three paragraphs about your family’s history.


27 thoughts on “Family History – Week 6

  1. Hi 4H,

    My Grandma came to Australia in 1982 but before she came to Australia she went to Cambodia.

    My Grandma decided to come to Australia because of the war when Japan fought China and many people were killed but she was the lucky one.

    It was very hard to come to a new country they have never been to because they could not speak any English at all.

    My mum says she does call Australia home because she has lived in Australia or years and years and she loves Australia.

    We do not have any of our relatives overseas but my dad has some and my mum does not.

    Coming to Australia is the best decision because Australia is named the Lucky Country.

    Was when we went Cherry picking and it was loads and loads of fun and aren’t they yummy.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Its great to hear that that your family regard Australian as the ‘Lucky Country’. I agree with them!

      I like the way you answered all the questions in full sentences.

      Mrs Ponzo

  2. 1) My parents came to Australia in 1993.
    2) We decided to come to Australia because we wanted to study over in Australia.
    3)It was hard to come to Australia because it was very hard to get the visa to come here.
    4)We call Australia home because almost every family member of ours lives in Australia.
    5)We do have some members in our birth country.
    6)We think it was a good decision because everything is so good here.
    7) The best memory about living in Australia is going to Queensland with almost the whole big family.


    Kayla 🙂

  3. 1.My parents came to Australia at 2004.
    2.My parents decide to come to Australia because in south Sudan their was a war. parents say it was hard to come to Australia because my mom and dad didn’t want to go to a different country because they will miss their family.
    4. Yes we call Australia home because in sudan back then their was no food and it was hard to get food but in Australia its easy because you can get food from the shops.
    5.Yes both of my parents were born in sudan
    6.Yes my parents thought it was a good decision.
    7.My parents memory about living in Australia is all the wonderful things god made for us and the people who make roads ,shops,buildings, and houses.

    • Hi Nyandeng,

      Its great to hear that your family are much happier here in Australia.

      PS- Please spell “mum” not “mom”

      Mrs Ponzo

  4. Hi and I am going to tell about my mum and dad.

    1.On 2005 28 of February

    2. because my dad was here at Australia and my mum went to him

    3. no they were marriage visa

    4. yes we do call home because I am with my family here at Australia
    5. yes I do have family from my country
    6.yes it was a good idea to come to Australia
    7. yes it was because we have freedom and more work to do
    Thank you for listening
    From Mewal ‘s Mum

  5. Hi everyone,

    My answers are:
    1. My mum came to Austrailia in 1988.
    2.She come to Austrailia to reunite with her dad.
    3.It was hard for her to come to a different contry because be everything was different, her family and herself could’nt speak the lanuage and the food tasted different.
    4.She called Austrailia a home because that is where she lived now.
    5.She still had family member in Vietnam like her aunties and uncles living there.
    6.She thinks that coming to Austrailia was a good dicision.
    7.Her bestest memory is going to school.

    Hope you enjoy this infomation!

    From, Mia

  6. Hi Mrs Ponzo and 4H

    My Nonno came to Austraila in 1956 26/1/56

    My Nonno came to Australia to have a better life in Austalia.

    It was hard because of the language and the strang country. The language was Italian.

    He calls Australia home beacause I have a family and we all have family’s here and I don’t want to be away from my family.

    He still have family in Italy like cousins.

    He says yes it was a good decision because I have a family.

    My memory would be growing up here and seeing all the changes here in Australia.


    Bianca and my Nonno 🙂

    • Hi Bianca and Nonno,
      Thank you for adding your experiences to our class blog. It is good to hear about your experience and life here so far. I hope you have had many wonderful memories in Australia.

      Mrs Ponzo

  7. hi Mrs Ponzo

    1. My mum came to Australia on the 21st of November 1991.

    2. My mum decided to come to Australia because it was a free country and because most of her family members lived here.

    3. It was hard for my mum to come to Australia because there was a lot of paper work and it was hard waiting for it to be approved.

    4. My mum calls Australia home because it’s like Vietnam but much better.

    5. My mum still has one brother at Vietnam and my dad has one of his step brothers there and his parents there..

    6. My mum thinks it’s a good decision to come to Australia because it was more cleaner then Vietnam and it was a better life at Australia.

    7. My mum’s favorite memory here was when she had William and I.

  8. My Grandma came to Australia in 1971 on the 23 of July. They came for a better life and to find work. Yes it was hard to come to Australia because we didn’t know the language and we did not know any body. Yes they do call Australia home because we came here to start a better life. Yes they do have family still in Serbia. Yes it was a great decision to move to Australia. My best memory is providing for my family.

    Regards Ethan

  9. 1. My dad came to Australia in 1987 from the Philippines when he was seven years old.

    2. My Dad decided to come to Australia, because my Grandpa wanted to provide a better life for his family.

    3. Yes, it was hard for my dad to come to Australia, because he didn’t know how to speak English and the weather was very cold.

    4. My dad calls Australia home because all his family and friends are here.

    5. Yes we have still have family members from the Philippines

    6. Coming to Australia was a good decision.

    7. The best memory for my dad living in Australia, was being able to go to the beach.



  10. Hey 4H,
    This is how my family came to live in Australia!

    My family came to Australia in the mid 1800s. We do not know exactly when we came.

    We don’t really know but Mum says it was for a better life.

    Our family alive right now was all born in Australia, So we do not know how it went.

    We definitely call Australia home because we were all born here and we could not think of a better country.

    We sadly do not have any relatives in England or Ireland.

    I think it was the best decision my great great great great great grandfather ever did.

    My mum says the best thing about living in Australia is that we are free and safe.

    Goodbye Blogging Bloggers!!!

    Shaun 😉

  11. Hi Everyone,

    My family has been in Australia for about 5 or 6 generations. They came from England, Ireland and Scotland. They had different types of jobs. Some were dairy and egg farmers, butchers,grocers and metal workers.

    Hope you like my comment

    From Mary!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for telling us more about your family. I bet your family has some wonderful memories!

      Mrs Ponzo

  12. Dear Mrs Ponzo & 4H
    1) my mum came to Australia 1998 from Lebanon.
    2) she came to live here because she married my Dad a Lebanese Australian who immigrated to Australia when he was 8 years old.
    3) definitely it was hard at the beginning because of the language first, being awaaaaay from her family and friends.
    4)after such a long times my mum can call Australia a home because of us her children.
    5)she still have a large family in Lebanon.
    6)as Australia has a piece and respect the human rights so it was a good choice.
    7)having her beloved children around her to discover Australia.

    • Hi Joelle,
      I guess it would be hard to move to a new country and not knowing how to speak the language. I’m sure both of your parents have many wonderful memories here now, but still treasure memories from their birth country.
      Mrs Ponzo

  13. hi Mrs Ponzo,

    1)My family came here to Australia in 2006.

    2) My parents decided to come here in Australia because they wanted a better life for our family.

    3) Yes, it hard to come to a new country because it would be hard to learn a new language.

    4) We call Australia our home because my family is here with me all the time.

    5) Yes, I still have family in the Philippines, My grandmas, grandpas and most of my cousins

    6) I think coming to Australia was a good and bad decision because the bad thing is I wouldn’t be able to stay with my cousins and the good thing is I get to make new friends.

    7) The best moment of my whole time in Australia so far has to be when my little brother was born.

    Kind Regards,

    John 4H ;D

  14. Dear classmates

    My mum came to Australia in 11/11/1991.

    My mum had to escape from Vietnam to have a better future.

    Yes because you have to start everything all over again.

    Yes because my mum grew up in Australia for 20 years.

    Yes there are still family members in Vietnam.

    Yes I do thing coming to Australia is a good idea.

    My dad’s best memory is getting married and having my sister, my brother and me.

  15. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo,
    my mum and dad went to Australia from the Philippine at December the 20th
    1993.My mum and dad came to Australia because of mum my dad wanted to go to America but my mum chose Australia.Yes they did struggle because of English.My dad thought he was good at speaking English but he did realize he wasn’t that good.Yes my family calls it home because it’s a really nice country and its peaceful.Yes we still have family in the Philippines and also some family here to.My family said Yes it was a good decision because we have a good opportunity of new life and a better one.My mum and dads best memory was when they had me and my brother,it was a happy moment and one of most and best days of their life.
    Thanks for reading my comment 🙂
    Regards, Jericho

  16. Noah’s Dad

    1. My Dad came to Australia in 1992.

    2. He decided to come to Australia as he came from a war torn country called Bosnia and he had to option but to leave and find a better life for him and his family.

    3. It was very hard to come to another country as English was he’s second language and he came here with no money and needed to find work.

    4. He loves calling Australia home and he can’t imagine living in any other county as Australia has given him lots of opportunity’s in life.

    5. Yes he has a bit of family over in Croatia and Bosnia and he’s Mum is buried in Croatia.

    6. Coming to Australia was a fantastic decision and there are so many opportunity’s here for him and he loves calling Australia home.

    7.He’s best memory here in Australia would be meeting his wife and having his two beautiful children.

    • Hi Noah’s dad,

      Thank you for being part of our blog and sharing your experiences. It must of been very hard for you but when you look back you would have many memories to cherish both countries. Thank you again and you are more than welcome to stop by any time!

      Enjoy your weekend.

      Mrs Ponzo

  17. Dear Bloggers,
    Hi and I am going to tell you about the things that happened with mum!
    Mum came to Australia in 1993.
    My mum came to Australia because of the freedom here.
    It was hard for my mum to come to Australia because of the different language.
    My mum calls Australia home now because it is very welcoming and the people in Australia helped with her job and all things that are new to her.
    Yes my mum still has family in the country of her birth and the country she has left.
    Yes it was a good decision to come to Australia because of the freedom here.
    The best memory my mum has is my mum got to born me!
    Thanks for reading!
    -Lina 4H

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