Joelle’s Holiday

Hi Joelle,

I have set up this post just for you!


You are more than welcome to share with us your holiday to Lebanon. Just type into the ‘Leave a Comment’ box and continue with each new comment. We are so excited to share your holiday with you and your family.  We will look forward to read what you have been up to over the next couple of months!


Have Fun and take lots of photos!

Bon voyage from Mrs Ponzo and 4H

19 thoughts on “Joelle’s Holiday

  1. Hi BFF
    I miss you already Joelle .
    Can’t wait until you come back to Australia and back to school .

    From your best BFF:Maithili 🙂

  2. hi Joelle!!!!,
    I missed you so much that the other people misses you.
    I hope you have a great holiday in Lebanese


  3. hi Joelle
    miss cuni and the group are missing you so much we wish you have a lovely holiday and i also miss you so much i wish could come with you it would have been very fun and me and maithili and miss ponzo and the whole class are missing you so much well i hope you have a lovey day at Lebanon


    by nyandeng 🙂

  4. Hello Joelle,

    How wonderful for you and your whole family to be on holidays together in Lebanon! I am really looking forward to hearing about your trip overseas and all the cultural experiences you are having. Enjoy your time away from Melbourne (which is very chilly and cold at the moment, I hope it is much warmer where you are).

    Mrs Trypis

  5. hi Joelle and family!
    I hope you arrived safely and are settling in to the “travel” experience. I am sure you are finding the weather a BIG change…as Mrs Trypis said, it is SO cold here…..and going to be a VERY crazy week, weather wise.
    I am hoping that Danielle has found her page, on her blog….? It is not a post – but a page at the top.
    It says: Overseas Travellers
    There are going to be lots of comments, because we all miss you, already!
    Hope you have lots of fun 🙂
    Hi to your brothers too, and mum and dad!
    Miss Carmel

  6. Dear class Mrs Ponzo and all the teachers

    I am having great fun in Lebanon. I have got up to so much things the important part is that i did arrive safe thank you all for all this wonderful comments.
    My mum says hi to all the teachers.



    • Hi Joelle,
      I’m happy to hear that you are having such a great time in Lebanon! W e can’t wait back home to hear all about your time there. Stay safe and see you soon.

      Mrs Ponzo

  7. Hi Joelle!

    I feel great for you because you will be able to meet your other relatives in Lebanon. I wish you a great time there and your family.

    Your friend,
    Tallulah 4G

  8. Hi joelle
    we have started term 3 and the group is learning some science at the moment and reading i hope you have a lovely day at Lebanon we also are missing you so much when you come back the whole class and me want to hear your day their.Have fun

    by your freind:nyandeng

  9. Hi Joelle,

    I hope your having a nice holiday Lebanon. Stay well and i hope you have a nice holiday with your family

    Tristan 4G

  10. Dear 4H and 4G and teaches,

    We have gone to pools and lots of other things like going up and down the mountains was sooooo fun and we have went to play with my cosines Yara and Guya they. Take us everywhere like to have sleepover at there house and other exiting things.

    I will talk to you later bye



  11. Dear Joelle,

    The things that you have been doing and seeing sound like lots of fun. At the moment it is too cold for us to be going swimming in a pool. The weather this morning was between 3-5 degrees and there was very thick fog!!

    During week one and week two of term 3 we have been learning about living and non-living things – the wonder of God’s creation! This term we will be going on two excursions – Melbourne and Werribee Open Range Zoo.

    We have been continuing to practice our singing and drama in preparation for our Joy Project in October, we will be going to drama in 5 minutes!!

    Our sport and art has been changed to Tuesday and our library borrowing day has been changed to Wednesday. We still go to the MML on Friday’s for FLI.

    We hope to see you soon back here in Australia so we can have a look at all your exciting photos and hear about your experiences!

    Best wishes
    4H and Mrs Ponzo

  12. Hi joelle
    i wonder what are you doing right now?
    i wonder what places have you been?
    And what dose Lebanon look like?

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