We have been looking at what living and non-living things are and what criteria something needs to follow in order for it to be classified as living or non-living.

What would you like to know about the topic of living or non-living? Is there something that you would live to investigate further? Please post answers below.

24 thoughts on “LIVING AND NON-LIVING

  1. God loves animals. He loves people. He loves us.
    I would like to learn about animals. I would like to learn about lions. I would like to learn about what lions eat.

  2. Hello little Earthlings

    I would like to find out what living things are under the ground and to search around to find living and non living things.


    Little Alien Ethan B

  3. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    I would like to know more about living things because what i know about living things are not a lot for me. I would also like to know is about non living things because it is not a lot for me to learn.


    Bianca 🙂

  4. Hello bloggers,
    What I would like to investigate is:

    -Can a biotic thing turn into a abiotic thing? I wonder why?
    -Can the things that are abiotic turn into biotic? If it does it would be confusing!

    Hope there are answers for these questions so then I would understand!


  5. living and non-living things
    I want to learn about what the life cycle of plant is and how are plants living things when plants can’t move but need a humans help to grow and move.

  6. Hey Earthlings!
    We are going to tell you what we want to learn this term!

    Monster Patrick says: “I want to learn what happens when things like living and non-living combine and it creates something special or new in evoloution”

    Alien Shaun Says: “I want to learn if there (In the future) That there will be another living criteria!”

    Regards Earthlings,

    Alien Shaun and Monster Patrick

  7. Hello 4H,

    What I would like to know about what a life cycle of a sunflower and what is it called when it is a baby? Is it still called a sunflower or does it have a different name?

    What else I would like to know is are there more plants that we are not familiar like pumpkins.

    We could really visit the zoo for our excursion.

    From Thomas C

    • Hi Thomas,
      Great suggestion for us to go to the zoo for an excursion. What do you mean with your pumpkin comment?
      Mrs Ponzo

      • We’ll Thomas C,

        We are going on an excursion to the zoo!! Not one, But TWO!! Hope everyone is excited!!

        -Lina 4H

  8. I want to learn about in nonliving and living is the plant life cycle. How do plants grow so fast with the sun and water. But how about if there no sun for a week. so that what i would like to learn about in nonliving and living
    from giuliano

  9. I think that living means like something has a soul and it can breath and eat food and drink water.Non living means that it can’t breath or eat food or drink water.

    That’s what i know about living and non living

  10. Hello 4H bloggers,

    I would like to learn about the other types of animal life cycles and the plant life cycle.

    Regards Kye

  11. Hi everybody,

    Here are the things I would like to learn-

    1. If a rock took a place of a plant.
    2. If a plant hadn’t been taken cared properly.

    That is all I want to learn about Living and Non-living things!

    Bye 😀 :p 😉 🙂


  12. Hello Everyone,
    We would like to learn about the life cycle of living and non living things and ancient animals like saber toothed tiger.

    We hope you enjoy our comment!

    Mary and Kayla

  13. HI Mrs Ponzo and 4H

    I would like to learn about the white tigers that are nearly
    extincted and other animals that are nearly extincted in the world

    Regards Leanne

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