Stewardship is how we take care of everything God has given to us. Stewardship comes from the word, steward. A good steward is one who does a good job taking care of something. If we want to be good stewards for God, we must take care of the many things God has given us. We all share a responsibility for stewardship or care of the environment. It is our sacred duty to ensure that the choices we make individually and collectively show that we respect God and we respect God’s creation.



Look at the following images, articles, videos. Choose one and comment on how this does or does not reflect stewardship for God’s creation.











Video 1: Great Barrier Reef, from Behind the News


Video 2: Orangutans, from Behind the News


Article 1:



TIME looks at the plight of one of Earth’s most charismatic creatures



Officials close schools and ground flights as dense smog shrinks visibility in Harbin, a city in China







  1. Hello 4H

    Picture 3
    I think the people of this land are not being good stewards. They are polluting their land by not caring and throwing their rubbish in the water. This effects the things in the in the water for example all the creatures of the sea.

    Picture 4
    I think the people are not being a good steward. This effects them because people have to live in these houses. And if people are walking under the building it could fall on them. it is very unsafe.


    Ethan B

    • Hi Ethan,
      I think as humans we need to be more responsible for all our actions. We need to think about what we do one, because it will affect us all in the future.

      Mrs Ponzo

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Here is this weeks homework-

    For image 2 doesn’t relate to stewardship because stewardship is about caring about God’s creation and animals are apart of God’s creation but those animals are no longer here or endangered.

    I hope you agree with me about this.


    • Hi Mia,
      I wonder if we can do anything to help these animals from becoming endangered? What actions can we put in place? These are big questions!

      Mrs Ponzo

  3. Hi 4H bloggers
    I’m going to comment on image 2.
    Image two is not stewardship because these animals all could be endangered and already extinct. We have a responsibility to protect earth and the plants and creatures inside of it and if we don’t take care of these animals and plants they will be extinct.

    Image 4
    I’m doing image 4 because it looks like it has been in war. This is not stewardship because this is our Earth and we share it but if we have war our Earth would just be destroyed and in the future some countries are going to own more then one countries. And that is definitely not fair for anyone.

    Image 3
    Image 3 is not stewardship because the sea is so polluted and pollution can effect the animals and the plants inside the sea and could cause extinction or they could be endangered or some lots of the fish could be killed.


    • Hi Thomas,
      I guess it is really up to us and our actions. We must always remember that a little piece of rubbish left of the ground will end up in our beautiful oceans. What would a whole heap of rubbish do to our animals?
      Mrs Ponzo

  4. Hi Mrs Ponzo
    It’s really 🙁 that people are not showing stewardship in God’s creation,I wonder why are they doing this.Why can’t these people stop polluting the world, if they pollute the world will anything good happen to them are going to get a price or are they going to win a competition,medal.If they would pollute the world all of the animals will get endangered or extinct.

    Image 3 really makes me 🙁 because that’s alot of rubbish, to me looks that this is only the 1st country with the least rubbish on it. This image does not show stewardship because if it did why would this country be so polluted.

    Image 5 makes me 🙁 because they polluted the country,because of that the small kids don’t have fresh water to drink, maybe the water has lots of diseases in it, the children have to drink the water that has been polluted.

    Image 1 makes me wonder, do these people know what are they doing because,I think they are CUTTING THE TREES DOWN, do they know what will happen if there are no trees on the planet, we would not be able to breath.We will die without oxygen, we need trees to breath air,thats nothing like stewardship.

    regards Maithili :):)

    • Hi Maithili,
      These images also make me very sad. We really need to think about what we do in our every day life so that our world does not deteriorate and become worse. We want to make it a better place, so that one day, when you are older you can show your friends and family.

      Mrs Ponzo

  5. Hi 4H
    IMAGE 4 does not reflect the stewardship because the tower is blowed up because there is war in that county and family’s die even children die to and the people who destroy the little towns celebrate so this war must NOW!!

    Hope You Like it
    Kind Regards Mewal

    • Hi Mewal,
      War is always a terrible thing, but when children are involved it is far worse. All we can do is pray for those people that are involved and that the fighting stops.
      Mrs Ponzo

      PS- please make sure you reread your comment before you post it.

  6. Hi 4h bloggers,
    What is a steward?
    A steward is a carer.
    While watching The Great Barrier Reef clip, I disagree that this is stewardship because this beautiful reef didn’t do anything to us but we did something to this reef. A lot of people and children love this reef of beauty so we have to do something to save The Great Barrier Reef and all of the other sea animals that live in this reef. We also promised God that we will take care of the Earth but all we are really doing is polluting it especially killing animals like snow leopards and tigers. These endangered animals are full of beauty so why go on and kill them? How would you feel if our species were endangered? That what these poor innocent animals are feeling like so we need to do something to save them.
    I hope you enjoy a lot!
    Kayla 😀

    • Hi Kayla,
      Yes I agree with your comment. The reef did not do anything to us, we did all the damage. It is up to us to help it otherwise it might not be here for too much longer.
      Mrs Ponzo

  7. Dear Bloggers,

    The Coral Reef does not reflect on stewardship because
    now the Reef is disappearing each year because of the crown of thorns are now growing on to each Coral.

    But scientist are thinking a way to get rid of the crown of thorns to help the Reef stay colourful and with lots of different sea creatures.

    The forest does not reflect on stewardship because we are cutting down trees which means that we won’t have that much air and the animals homes will be taken away.

    We should hope that now people could plant trees to help the environment to try and fix to what we have done to the trees.

    Kind Regards Kye 🙂

    • Hi Kye,
      I totally agree with you! We as a society need top mat more trees to make sure we replenish the trees that are no longer in our forests. It is up to us!
      Mrs Ponzo

  8. Hi Grade 4,

    I am doing image 1.

    This is not stewardship because they are not that much trees at all and they did not take care of GOD’s creation and they had the responsibility of taking care of what GOD has done.But they did not take care of GOD’s creation. It would of taken 40 or 60 years to grow again. God said to take care of the environment but we didn’t take care of the environment. There is a couple of forest in this world and maybe they are cutting trees right now. We are destroying the environment now . This is not stewardship because the animal that lived there will have to another forest and there old habit
    would be gone. This is not stewardship because when there are no more trees there will be no oxygen.

    My next image is 2.

    This is not stewardship because there are animals that are extincted and some that are endangered.

    My next image is 3.

    This is not stewardship because there is lots and lots and lots of rubbish. The rubbish can effect the animal that is in the sea.

    My next one is 5. This is not stewardship because they don’t have fresh water like us they only have dirty water and not that much food and they do not have a proper house like us.

    • Hi Nathan,
      Great comment, very detailed! A way that we can help our world is to make sure that we put all our rubbish in the bin and pick up any rubbish that is on the floor.
      Mrs Ponzo

  9. To 4H

    For the Great Barrier Reef Video I thought that the people were not good Stewards because half of the Great Barrier Reef is gone and they have not really done much.

    I feel very sorry for the Orang-utans because we are destroying their habitats and making way for the Palm oil growing and vegetable oil growing. People are not being good Stewards and are destroying Gods creation.

    On image 5 I can see two poor kids looking for water and I can see that all o the water is polluted and is disgusting.

    From Thomas C

    • Hi Thomas,
      I guess a way we can help the orang-utans is by not buying products that contain palm oil. We need to look at the ingredients in the products we buy.

      Mrs Ponzo

  10. my reflection is image 2 because i can tell the animals might be infected,hurt or sick.Because on the word it says help us so i think the world is not helping the world.

    i hope you enjoy

    • Hi Nyandeng,
      Good comment, yes these animals are all in danger in some kind of way. Nyandeng you forgot to Ada greeting at the beginning of your comment. Please retread before posting.
      Mrs Ponzo

  11. Hi Earthlings,

    The image I chose was image 1 and I think it does not reflect on stewardship or being stewards because it shows people cutting down forests and using the wood to build houses. Even though the wood is for building houses, most houses now are made of cement, unless the house is made for lodges up in mountains.

    Thanks for reading my comment,

    • Hi John,
      I think as a society we need to think about a more environmentally sustainable ways to build houses. What other materials could we use?

      Mrs Ponzo

  12. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo
    I watched the video about the Smog. It would be very sad to live there because you would’nt be able to breathe fresh air. Another reason the video made me sad because they could easly died by a car because they cant see because of the Smog.

    • Hi Giuliano,
      Yes I agree with you, it is very sad that our world has become like this. Many people get very sick by living in this type of environment. We need to stop using our cars and use more public transport.

      Mrs Ponzo

  13. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    I think image four does not strewardship because there are wreaked buildings and it looks like a war has been there and has wreaked the buildings. I would not like if a war has been and wreaked my house or building.

    I think video 1 does not strewardship because the reef is growing old and its to hot for the reef to live under water anymore. If I was a sea animal I would rather get eaten by humans then my home wreakes under water.

    All of this was not Stewardship!!!!!!!!!


    Bianca 🙂

    • Hi Bianca,
      You made a very strong comment in your post. As a society we really must begin to take responsibility for our actions.

      Mrs Ponzo

  14. Dear Bloggers,
    Hello and I will tell you about the images:

    Image 1:
    I felt so sad because that nearly all of the forests had been cut down! The men/women used the wood for paper, houses, cardboard etc.

    Image 2:
    When I looked into the image, I felt so surprised that THAT many animals were instinct/endangered! I think it was because that the people polluted their land or sea and the animals were sick and they had to leave their home! How sad!

    Image 3:
    In this picture I felt shocked because that the water was polluted a lot! (Maybe). People should be responsible that it is their fault that they littered that place or another!

    Image 4:
    The way I see that image is a war and war is bad! The people that lived there before might have to move or stay there and if they picked to stay there it will be bad!

    Image 5:
    I felt so sorry that those girls and their family are poor because that in Australia, we have all the FRESH water and natural water, but at their place, they are poor and looks as they can’t find any water/food to eat and drink!

    Video 1- The Great Barrier Reef:
    During watching this video, the video started good but then in the middle, once I herd the corals were dying that was when I was shocked! The coral is the sea creatures home and it is getting worse!

    Video 2- Orangutans
    After watching this video, I felt really sorry that we have been using this “Palm Oil” to make loads of shampoo, some snacks and loads of products! I feel that i’m going to save some my money on things and try not to waste things up!

    Article 1-2 – Save The Polar Bears:
    When I read this I felt very bad that the ice might start to melt and I also agreed to the writer that wrote, “Even if the animal is dangerous, it still needs to be looked after at their home”.

    Article 3- super smog in china:
    When I read this, I felt bad that china had so much smog, they had to use money and heaps of coal to have heat and money for things needed, this is unfair for them!

    Hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts!

    -Lina 4H

    • Hi Lina,

      Wow another person who has written quite a substantial amount!! Well done. I defiantly enjoyed reading your comments. I guess all these articles, images and videos are telling us that we really need to step up and start to look after this world that God gave us.

      Mrs Ponzo

  15. Hi 4H bloggers and Mrs Ponzo,

    Today I’m will talk about the image 1:

    Image 1 makes me feel like the people must stop chopping trees down because there are birds need to lay their eggs so they can there population can grow and live happily and like squirrel they should have a good life and if the trees have chop down there

    Next I’m going to talk about Image 2:

    Image 2 make me think about the animals endangered (that means animals are almost extinct) and that made me feel sad and hope that the animals are not extincted.

    Now I’m going to talk about Image 3:

    Image 3 makes me think about the pollution and it is bad if they were pollution every where in Australia and it will pollution will get worse.

    The next Image is number 4 :

    Image 4 makes me think about the war in gallipoli and all the soldiers with simon and his donkey and it makes me think about the shrine of remembrance in Melbourne.

    The last Image is No.5:

    It makes me think about the girl that needs proper fresh water and a home for the little girl and maybe a tornado suck the house and the little girl is left alone and some people found her alone.

    Now I’m going to talk about the video:

    The man told that in 10 more years the coral reef will die and it sad that that 27 years the coral reef was half dead and half alive and it makes me feel sad because the fish that lived in the dead coral they have to move to half of the coral reef.

    The next video is about the orangutans:

    The video makes me feel like the orangutans are endangered and that makes me feel sad about the orangutans and I hope that the orangutans won’t die.

    I’m going to talk about Save The Polar Bears:

    If I hug the Adult Male Polar Bear I will die and get eaten by one of the Adult Male Polar Bears and the Polar bears are Under Threat about Sea Ice Habitat.

    I’m going to talk about Super Smog in China:

    If I drive a car in the fog I will can’t see and crash and same with a plane I will not be able to see where the end of the runway is in the fog when it’s in winter

    This is the end of my comment.

    I hope you like it.


    Joseph 30/7/2014

    • Hi Joseph,
      Wow I think your blog comment is the longest we have had all year! Well done, I am so proud of you! Keep it up!

      Mrs Ponzo

      PS- Great responses! 🙂

  16. Hey Bloggers
    I am choosing image 3. This image does not show good stewardship because the people are not looking after the water.
    They throw rubbish into the water and the fish and birds can get sick and die. God made them and we should look after them.
    It makes people sick because they need the water to drink. the rubbish can make them sick as well.
    They need to look after the sea and river to help the environment.

    • Hi Taylah,
      It’s a terrible problem, one that we can very easily avoid by just putting our rubbish in the bin. I guess sometimes we are too lazy to walk one meter to the rubbish bin.

      Great comment
      Mrs Ponzo

  17. Hello 4H and Mrs Ponzo,
    Video 2:
    If there was a scale for stewardship from 1 to 10 it would be zero because all those people don’t understand whats happening to orangutans because every time slice a tree off they are being affected of death and no more tree’s and I wonder do they do know what they are doing or do they just don’t care. It also affects us to because we need tree’s to live and they should also think about their life also if they are making it a more short time on this wonderful world. They better stop or orangutans and hopefully not our kind extinct.

    Last, image 5:
    This is not stewardship because you can see two homeless little girls alone and most of this is caused by typhoons, cyclones, floods, and even us to blame for by not thinking what we are doing we could kill or injure them really bad. I think we should think about choices and pray every day that one day they can find a home with lots of food and water.

    Thank you for listening to my comment.

    Kindly from Jericho.

    • Hi Jericho,
      One of our global issues is poverty. I wish one day too that poverty becomes an issue of the past!

      Mrs Ponzo

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