Week 4, Term 3 – Excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo

This week we went on an exciting and amazing excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Write at least three paragraphs about your experience. 

Some questions to help you include:

What was your favourite animal?

What was your favourite part of the day and why?

What did you learn about endangered habitats?

What actions will you take now?



13 thoughts on “Week 4, Term 3 – Excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo

  1. Hello 4H

    My favourite animal was the Zebra. What I liked about the Zebra was that they are beautiful and that all the Zebras have their own lines of shape.
    Another animal I liked was the rabbit. I liked the rabbit because when you were going on the Safari the rabbits where everywhere.

    My favourite part was the safari, because you where going on a great ride. Another reason was that the lady talking to us she was so nice. The last reason was because of Mr Hewitt he made as all laugh and have so much fun.

    What I learned about endangered species:
    We got put into different groups and we got to figure who this affects and how. I was in a group with toilet paper. We thought it effects the animals that live in the tree. And it effects them because their habitats are getting chopped down and they have no wear to live. This has helped me with my understanding.

    The actions I will use is to recycle things so more trees don’t get chopped down. And another reason is to tell my parents to try and not use animal skin a bit less.


    Have a great day

  2. Hello 4H

    My favourite part of the day was when we had our Safari Tour and I saw many animals that were nearly endangered like the white horned Rhino.

    A thing that I realised was when the gates said no rabbits or bunnies are aloud in but there were actually lots and lots of bunnies or rabbits inside.

    All the animals in the Safari Tour were not Carnivores because if the animals were to be Carnivore they would come and eat us alive!

    My other favourite animal was the Meerkat because they were racing around and one even looked at me how lucky is that!

    Another thing I liked was when the Gorilla was up close to the window and this does not really happen quite often but then like a minute later he turned his back to us!

    From Thomas C

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Homework is right underneath this sentence.

    My favourite animal on the safari was the zebras because my 3rd and 4th favourite colour is black and white. In the whole zoo was the lioness because they are the queen of the jungle and my second favourite animal is a lion but there were no lions but there were lioness.

    I like the safari because the speaker was a bit funny and I also got to see and learn about some new animals but there were also some animals I already knew like zebras. The road of the safari sort bumpy and fun like a roller-coster.

    I learnt about CHIPP but I only remember two which are introduced animals ( I ) and pollution ( First P ), I learnt that CHIPP doesn’t help the habaitats grow or help the animals inside it. The way I’m going to change is by recycling, care more about the animals and try to spend more time with the stray cats.

    That’s all for this week.

    Regards Mia

  4. Hello everyone!
    Yesterday 4H and 4G went to the Werribee zoo for our project in our Faith Life Inquiry unit. We had a wonderful and fantastic day seeing all the animals.

    My favourite part of the day is when I saw the meerkats playing with each other. They were running around like headless chickens! Another funny thing I saw was when a chubby meerkat was sitting on the floor watching the race go on and on.

    We also went on a safari tour and all we had to do was sit on a bus that had a lot of seats and relax while looking at wonderful animals. Some were endangered like the white horned rhino. My favourite animal that I saw on the bus was a female hippo with her little baby sleeping in the sun. The weird thing that I found out that was hippos are nocturnal(nocturnal means animals that are awake at night time and sleep at daytime.

    We went into a room with a staff of the zoo to pat two ring tailed possums and a tree frog. The two ringed tail possums were twins , but one was a male and the other was a female.

    It was an amazing day at the zoo and I felt like we’ve only been at the zoo for an hour but it has been more than that.
    Hope you have enjoyed reading my post!
    Kayla 😀

  5. Hi 4H Bloggers

    My favourite animal in the zoo was the Antelope that can wee at crystals. It’s my favourite animal because the lady a lot of interesting facts about it and because it actually can make crystals[I think the Zoo is rich] and it can go without water for MORE then a YEAR.

    My favourite part was the mini lesson because I learnt about new animals and under threat animals and this really wows me because the extinction of the Growling Grass Frog was actually because of sheep and Europeans. A really funny part was when the Frog weed on Leanne but she had was lucky it went on the leg not in the face But she had good luck for the rest of the day

    I learnt that the Growling Grass Frogs was endangered because their habitat was being eaten by sheep’s because of the Europeans that’s why Growling Grass Frogs are endangered. Another endangered habitat is the Ring tailed
    Possums habitat it is endangered because people cut trees so that they can make paper and tissue paper and by doing that we are leading Ring tailed Possums endangered.

    I will now reuse or Recycle tissue paper and paper so that Ring tailed Possums don’t come at night making noises when were trying to sleep.

  6. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    My favourite animal in a zoo is Monkeys because they remind of people. The baby Monkeys remind me of us kids because were naughty and baby Monkeys are naughty too.

    My favourite part of the day was when we went on the safari trip on the bus around to see animals, like they were in the wild. My favourite part of the bus trip was when we saw the hippos because we got to see the baby hippo with the big hippo asleep.

    We learned that endangered habitats can get badly hurt by if you got a new house and it was just land before that, as you know if you need to make a house you have to cut everything down to make the house and maybe you don’t know but animals could be living somewhere you are building the house on. The lady said to my group that had a sold sign but in front of the house there was nothing on the front of the house so we thought that the people that have a house but there is nothing at the front should put rocks and plants so then animals can come make a new home.

    The actions I will take to take good care of our earth will be when I take a plastic bags to keep my food in I will let my mum know to put my food in a box not in a plastic bag.

    I hope this will keep our Earth nice and clean


    Bianca 🙂

  7. Hi 4H bloggers and Mrs Ponzo!!!!!!!

    My favourite animal is the Meerkat is because that there are kind of shy and seem funny when I first saw them.I really feel like what are they up to in the wild and my second favourite animal is antelope because the woman that tour us was fun and that the antelope sometimes wee crystal out and that funny.

    My favourite part of yesterday is the safrai because the driving was bumping and the woman was good at driving and its was so fun I want to do the safari again and see the animals again.

    I learnt about is never cut the grass because that you may be hurted the growling grass frog and maybe hurt the animals in the grass or something and never chop trees down because you will hurt the Ringtail possum because they live in the trees.

    My action is that take care of the animals and never destroy the animals habitat and don’t make the animal extinct and breed more animals and make their population grow they are fine.

    This is all I learnt.



  8. Hi earthlings,

    My favourite animals in the Werribee Zoo was the meerkat because when the meerkats were racing, the one that won was going up the hill pretending he’s the king. The meerkat is also my favourite animal because they are very cheeky just like me.

    My favourite part was the class lesson because it told me that people shouldn’t litter, don’t rip off grass near rivers and don’t litter, unless emergency. I also liked the class lesson because I got to learn about what C.H.I.P.P stands for and I also learnt that many species of frogs are endangered

    I learnt that the Growling Grass Frog’s habitat is being covered under houses and the frogs are becoming extinct. I also learnt that Werribee Zoo has a breeding area where Growling Grass Frogs breed and make more.

    I will now not litter and try to do things to help animals


  9. Dear Bloggers,
    Hello everyone and I am going to tell you about the excursion to the Werribee Zoo!

    1.What was your favorite animal?
    One of my favorite animals were the Giraffes. One of my reasons why I liked that animal was because first I like their pattern on their skin, second was that they were TALL and I herd a fact in a book was that “Did you know that the size of an giraffes hooves were a size of a dinner plate?” That sounded awesome and strange! That is why I like giraffes the most! But I still liked the other animals I saw in the Zoo!

    2. What was your favorite part of the day and why?
    My favorite part of the day is that when my class and 4G went to the safari. The reasons are because in that session while I was taking pictures, I heard a lot of information about the animals and I had learnt a lot from that session! This is one of my favorite part of the day!

    3.What did you learnt from ENDANGERED habitats?
    I learnt that the things the lady tour guide gave the groups different things that could cause the land BAD.

    The Liquid soap bottle, it is causing animals habitat from the chemicals inside that soap. What we can do to stop it from happening is that when we go to the shop, we can look for soap bottles ‘chemical free’ I think that is what the lady said.

    4.What actions will you take now?
    I would prefer everyone to be responsible, reduce things, recycle and do things right not wrong again such as polluting, wasting things we don’t need etc.

    Hope you enjoyed reading!

    -Lina 4H

  10. Hello 4H and Mrs Ponzo,
    My favorite animal was was the Possum because they are harmless peaceful and cute. They were also twins like my favorite cousins. I also like how they are very connected with each other and how they always stay together.

    My favorite part of the day is the tour bus because of the detail they explained to us in the tour of what has happened to those kind of animals such as the rhino and the horses and many more. I also like how the lady that was talking to us in the tour was really nice and funny, also the lady would stop at places where the animals are either special or endangered.

    One of the endangered habitats and animal is the growling grass frog because when the people came they brought sheep and placed them where the growling grass frog lived and the sheep ate the grass and with out the grass they died.

    Because of all of the things that I have learnt I will now do the most helpful thing to stop from the animal to be more less of chances being extinct.

  11. Hello 4H
    My favourite animal was the Antelope because it can wee crystals that is really cool plus it doesn’t need to drink water but they still can drink water.

    My favourite part of the day was the lesson we had because he leant about animals being under threat. I liked it because he got to pet tow animals and we got to look at other animals to.

    I learnt the growling grass frog was under threat and the possums, I never knew it was a endangered animals, plus I didn’t know they sleep in the morning. Another thing I learnt was the frogs did not have a habitat because of all the sheep. The reason why is it because of all the sheep keep eating the grass and that’s the frogs habitat.

    The actions I will make I will keep recycling so trees don’t get cut off. If there was a possum I will leave it alone and try to sleep.

  12. Hello 4H and miss ponzo
    1.What was your favorite animal?
    my first favorite animal is the mere cats because i really like the way they stand up and look at you the most funny part is when one of the mere cats showed their bum at us.
    My second favorite animal is the gorillas because i like the way yakie turned hes back on us it seemed harsh because we wanted to see hes face

    2.What was your favorite part of the day and why?
    My favorite part of the day was the safari because i like the way you can see all the animals and seem all of them calling out the names.What i also like is the drafts because i like when they crack their neck bones to call out for danger or call for help.

    3.What did you learn about endangered habitats?
    i learnt that endangered habitats need shelter so that they don’t get really cold.I also learnt that that that drafts crack their neck bone to communicate.


  13. Hello Everyone,

    My favourite part of the day was when we did the habitat session because we got to learn more about habitats and got to pat two animals. One of the animals was the green frog and the other was a common ring tailed possum [I think it was].

    Another favourite part of the day was when we went on the safari bus because we learnt new facts about animals we mite not have even know before we went to the zoo! For example I didn’t know there was a baby hippo at Werribee zoo!

    In the day that we went to the Werribee zoo I learnt the all the animals on the safari were herbivores because otherwise the animals would probably eat each other! Near the end of the safari there was a lake\body of water and in the middle there was some earth, on the earth there was a fake crocodile. I thought it was real to start with by then the lady had said it was fake!

    I hope you enjoyed my comment!

    From Mary

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