Week 5, Term 3

This week has been a very busy week celebrating our learning especially with our Community Classroom – Reading Comprehension focus and Annual Grade 3 and 4 Camp Night!


This week you will be asked to write two paragraphs about each event (four paragraphs in total).

Share your:

  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Experiences
  • Suggestions for the future
  • Highlights and low-light

Please remember to write at least two paragraphs for each event (each paragraph consisting of four sentences) and proofread your work BEFORE you submitย it.

Parents are more than welcome to submit a comment… just remember to not use any names. For example – Steven’s mum.


20 thoughts on “Week 5, Term 3

  1. Hello 4H

    This week we had community Class rooms. I am going to tell you what me and my dad thought about community class room.
    What I liked about community class room. One thing I thought went well was the kids introduced to the parents. I thought this helped my mum. It helps me to understand what is going on in the book.
    My dad enjoyed community classrooms these are the reasons. My dad liked that he could see what we are doing at school. Another reason is he liked the predicting, inferences, wonderings and making connections. I think this community classroom was AWESOME.

    Tonight we had 3 and 4’s camp night. I am going to share with you a little bit of my experience of the camp.

    At the start of the camp we got to make desserts. The desserts we got to make was a tinny teddy car, and a mug. In the middle we got to do four circus activities my favourite activity was the juggling. I learnt how to juggle two balls.

    At the end we got to eat our pizzas and our desserts. I ate 5 Americana slices and 1 slice of Margarita. And then we got to eat our desserts it was so Yum. And last we watched Rio 1 the movie. It was an amazing day.

    Regards Ethan B

    • Hi Ethan,
      You did such a wonderful job presenting at the Community Classroom on Monday. Well done, it can be hard to get up in front of the class and parents and talk. I’m glad you enjoyed the camp night especially the pizza!

      Mrs Ponzo

  2. Hi people of the blogging world!

    Here the comment for this post-

    Communtiy Afternoon-

    I felt excited for the Community Afternoon, because it was my favourite subject, READING ๐Ÿ™‚ :D!! What I thought was going to be great it wasn’t that good because I had to go earliy :(. My another thought was that the children wasn’t really with their family doing the activitys, they were just eating the lollies, so I think the candy were a distraction, even if it we delicious.

    The things I like were the presention in the first place because it really shows what we are doing for this Communtiy Afternoon and the inferring table. The things that I half liked and half disliked are the lollies or candy because the thing I liked about it was that a little snack, the thing I disliked about it is when it’s a distraction for the children. The thing that I disliked was when I had to go because I would have to miss out on the fun and other people leaving.

    Camp Night-

    I felt entertained because there were so many things to do and I also felt full because there where so many desserts ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ! I thought the circus activity was energetic because we are doing a thing every second, not just sitting there and doing nothing :D!

    The thing I liked was the movie, Rio. Even though I already watched it, I was always laughing! I also liked cooking because I can use my imagination. The thing I disliked was NOTHING AT ALL!!!!

    That’s all folks!


    • Hi Mia,

      Thank you for your feedback about the lollies. Miss Severino will think about wether we have them again if they are causing distractions! I am glad you enjoyed the camp night!!

      Mrs Ponzo

  3. Hi 4H bloggers & Mrs Ponzo,
    Here how I feel in the grade 3/4 camp,

    I feel scared because that I feel like i’m not at home and it was pitch dark and I was dreaming of random things like a ghost and like those scary things and my second feeling is happy because I was happy to go to camp and watch a movie Rio and had so much fun like doing circus tricks or skills and that’s how I feel in camp.

    Here are my thoughts about the grade 3/4 camp,

    My thoughts are that being in school camps was fun and my thought from last year are that we had camp last year and had fun and my difference is that there was no circus tricks in the first grade 2/3 camp just meditating and doing fun tricks. Any ways my thoughts are that the grade 3/4 camp was fun and it reminded me that the 1/2 or 2/3 camp [I’m not sure really sure] was kind of fun but grade 3/4 camp was much fun.

    This is my thoughts,

    This is my suggestion is that we have more things like exercising at school at camp and that we watch a cool movie [or something like some movies that we not watch yet like Zambezi and something] or have more fun and makes us super sweaty as like running around or doing more meditating and something.

    My High-lights and Low-lights,

    My High-lights is the movie because everyone was laughing, giggling, disgusted by Nigel naked at the end of the movie and my Low-lights is the last circus trick because it was painful, hurtful [which is the same as painful] and it was so painful my back was hurting so much sighing so much I could not feel my back.

    That all I know,


    Joseph 14/08/2014

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Community classroom

    I liked the idea on having a bowl of lollies on each table because if you were a little bit hungry you could just take one but, I found that lots of kids were taking the lollies not as much as the parents and/or kids did. I think we should do it next time!I like the activities because we focusers more on the main strategies that we know then, the teachers would have to explain even probably have to start to explain before snack!

    I also liked the Community Classroom because it got me to teach one of my relatives how I learn at school! My relative had a great time learning about how I learn reading at school. I like Community Classrooms because it is a time when you can talk to your parents and/or relative about school when you’re not at home or picking you up from school or at the person’s house [if it is a relative]. I find Community Classrooms a very enjoyable time to spend with your parents and friends.


    I found camp very fun because we got to spend time with people in other classes that you don’t usually spend time with. I liked the circus skills like the clowning and acrobalance because they were very fun! They were acrobalance, juggling, twirling and clowning. I said I hadn’t don it before when I found out I had!

    I especially the cooking because we got to make lots of fun things like chocolate spiders which were made of chocolate and noodles! I liked cooking in the two grade 4 classrooms because you got to take all the ingredients you need and start to make the 2 desserts! To stick the ingredients together we used chocolate icing. We made tea cups with a tic toc biscuit, a marshmallow, half a life saver and a freckle and a car with a tiny teddy on top it had a mars bar, 4 smarties, half a life saver and a tiny teddy with the legs cut off!

    I hope you enjoy my comment

    From Mary

    • Hi Mary,
      What a fantastic blog post. Four paragraphs just as the task asks!
      I am glad that you enjoyed yourself at our camp night, I sure did. Thank you for your feedback regarding the C/C. I will have to think about if we have lollies next time. Enjoy your night.

      See you tomorrow
      Mrs Ponzo

  5. Hi Guys,
    Community afternoon

    Community afternoon was fun for me because the activities were really fun. My favourite activity would be the making inferences because Mary and I were in charge and that was the most fun of all.

    Another reason why was because my parents got to understand a little bit more of what we do at school during reading so now that she understands what we can do she can give me tips so i can improve on my responses.

    I also liked the community afternoon because the presentation and games helped me understand what I can do to improve my comprehension to deep thinking Comprehension and now I can try doing it.

    I think I’ve already improved including yesterday/ Wednesday on my Reading Responses.

    Another thing was the candy it was really delicious but I think It was kind of interrupting just a little because some of the kids when the community afternoon started they rushed for the candy.


    My thoughts on this year camp are

    I liked how we got to do different and still fun activities such as the circus acts, the different food and how we got to make most of it.


    My high-lights for camp this year

    I really liked the movie because it was really really funny everyone was giggling and were really surprised and wowed in some parts of the movie so it must have been a fun movie to watch. And it is one of my favourite movies being there’s a lot of funny action and singing.

    BEST DESSERT EVER IS WHAT I CAN SAY but i almost threw up at home because i felt really sick.

    My low-Lights for camp

    All I want to say is for the activities i just want to play all sorts of sport such as Soccer, Football, Basketball, Nu-cum, Volleyball or Netball.

    That’s the end of camp night for my Response


  6. Hello miss ponzo and class 4H
    Community afternoon
    1.my feelings was that i loved when all the parents communicate with other parents and when they met i thought it was very lovey.I also like when Ethan B and Tallual told the parents what a sticky note is and i like how Tallual showed like more detail and took it serous.
    I thought the community afternoon was great because i like how we told our parents what we did.

    Camp Night
    1.I felt very exited at the first time and when it was still going it was sooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!! i loved the activities was so cool i loved when Alice did face expression it was so funny.She was the funniest out of all of them i would rate her 10/10.

    2.I thought the camp night was amazing because i loved how we could make all thigs like the tea cups out of marshmallow,biscuit,lollie handle and a brown thing with sprinkles with it.I also thought it was exiting i was so happy i loved it it was like it blew my heart away.

    3.My Experiences are that i am good at cooking when i made my tea cup it was good but then when we were ment to eat it it broke but it didn’t matter im also good at making the teddy bear cars with wheels and with chocolate balls as the wheels.

    4.I suggest that their should not be the circus tricks because i don’t really like circus because like Joseph said it hurts your back but it actually hurt my shoulders because of the weight on the sticks it had a little lot of weight and when we did the spinning wheel it hurt my shoulders.

    5.my high-light is the movie because i liked when people laughed at the most funniest part. I was like laughing my head off it was so funny Evan mathilli was laughing really loud that the whole row of the back heard her!!!
    But i was the loudest.My low-light was the spider chocolates because i thought we were going to make like real tarantula but we didn’t that made me really upset.

    I hope you enjoyed reading from nyandeng ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Guys,

    Camp Night

    I liked when we where making food and how we did lots and lots of activates. My favorite activates was when we made the chocolate spider and a chocolate car with a tidy bear it is and it is food and we made a cup that has marshmallow on it I liked the marshmallow it was nice. My second favorite one is when we did the fun fit. My favorite one in fun fit is when we hold a long stick and we do tricks and it was really fun.

    I felt like I was going to have a really fun time first when we where about to be spited up Jericho John and me wanted to be in the same group but unfortunately we where not with each other at all John was with one of his fiend witch is Patrick. I was with one of my besets friend and it was William in 4G.

    My first favorite one is when we watched Rio 1. It was really good but why didn’t blue fly why couldn’t he learn. The sad part is when blue was mad and hurtled Jewels fallings and that’s sad but ending was really good Blue went down the he believed that he could fly. So Blue cached Jewels.

    Next time Jericho and me should not eat a lot next time Jericho ate 6 Pizza and I ate 5 Pizza he ate 1 spider chocolate and I ate 3 spider chocolate. Jericho ate the most and I was the second person to eat the most.

    Regards NATHAN Peace

  8. Hello earthlings,

    Here are my thoughts about year 3/4 camp.

    I thought it was very, very fun, especially when we watched RIO. My favourite character was Jamie Foxx starring as Nico, the yellow bird with the bottle cap hat. I also liked when we all ate dinner because everybody enjoyed the pizza. I had great fun making our desserts.

    One high-light of mine is a part in the movie Rio. The part is when Pedro and Nico act out what happened when Nigel took Jewel. I liked because it is a lot like what me and Jericho to act things out when we are playing during snack and/or lunch. Two funny characters are the fat guy working for the evil boss and Luiz.

    -Community afternoon

    My thought about community afternoon is maybe the next one should be about FLI and maybe when we go home, we should present our ‘Animals Under Threat’ presentation (It’s only just a suggestion though). My dad enjoyed it and he would rate it 5/5. I also enjoyed it but I would only rate it 4/5 because most kids only looked forward to the lollies, not presenting their things to their parents.

    Hope you liked my comment,

  9. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo
    I thought that the community classroom was a good idea to do it on reading because the parents can understand how to track what you are thinking, and now they also know inferences, connections, visualising, and one more but I can’t think what it was.

    My Mum enjoyed coming to the community classroom but finds it hard to enjoy it because she has 2 other children. My mum felt happy and she said ” that the lollies were good and yummy”.

    At the start of the camp we had a snack. I had a apple and a mandarin. When we got split up into groups we made desserts for our pizzas. When I saw what they looked like I was like ” these will be nice ” so we started making them.

    After the desserts we did some circus activities like for example juggling , twirling, and being clowns. My favourite activity was being a clown because you get to sneak up on people and copy the person actions or movement. At the end of the activities we watched rio 1.
    From Giuliano

  10. Dear Bloggers,
    Hello and I will be typing to you about community classrooms and about camp night! Here it goes!

    Community Classrooms:
    What I liked about the community classroom is how I went through the reading strategies I use in my book and how to use the posted notes in my book to mum!

    The thing about community classrooms is how you can share your best learning to your parents so then they can understand what you are trying to say. We are the ones that can explain more to our parents (If we can)!!

    What I also liked about the community classrooms was when the two doors opened! Last community classroom I didn’t get to see the doors opened because I couldn’t make it to the classroom community. I am so glad they did it! That experience was cool!

    CAMP NIGHT!!!!!!

    This camp night was more better than last year! This experience was way more much fun! Actually both of the camp nights from last year and this year were awesome!

    What I enjoyed about camp were making deserts at two classrooms! My group were actually lucky because we were the last group! And being the last was surprising when the teachers gave out the ‘licking the chocolate!’ Mmmm! But I had to take a little! I don’t wan’t to be ‘greedy’!

    What else I also enjoyed in the camp night was the fun fit activities! I like it when you use the staff and to balance on people! These were the most good learning things you can learn at home (If you have a staff)!!

    Watching Rio was very awesome! And it was a fair thing to watch because most people voted for that and second it kinds of or does relate to the topic we are learning about endangered species! I did hear when the man said that Linda (Whatever the girls name is) bird was the last male bird of the species! This was perfect to watch with me and my friends.

    What was very interesting about the camp night was when I tried a new pizza flavor from my class when it was dinner! I tried the new flavor, it started to taste yum, but then it got hotter, and hotter and HOTTER! MY NECK FELT LIKE IT WAS ON FIRE! After that I had to drink a lot of juice and water to cool it down! And then I said I would like to eat more bites!! That was awesome!!

    Hope you enjoyed reading and to my class, hope they also had a great camp night!!

    -Lina 4H

  11. Hello 4H and Mrs Ponzo,
    today I will be talking about Community Afternoon and camp night.
    My thoughts about the Community Afternoon is not that good because my brother and mum lied that we did all the activities but I still did read with mum. I also felt happy and surprised because I never knew that my mum would come i thought it would only be my brother. I also felt great for reading to my mum and brother and teaching them one of the strategy’s that we do in reading.

    I think it was a great Community Afternoon because it was a time where you got to read with your family bond more and let them know on whats been happening in the classroom. I also think that it was a good idea to share some of our responses that we do in school so they know what we are doing during in school. That is all i could explain because sadly i left early.

    Now on to the camp night.

    I think camp night was really great from the start of it. The experiences that i had for cooking was great and sometimes i felt like eating it straight away. I also think it was a great bonding time with other people and eating pizza through out the way too.

    I think it was a mix of learning laughter and more. I also feel that it was a good thing to do this with other grades. But next time I think we should do more fun activities next time.

    Thank you for reading peace out Jericho

  12. Hello bloggers,
    Community Classroom
    I enjoyed how we set out the activities and how we opened up the walls. I think we should set out a table in the middle of the two rooms and fill it with snacks like small biscuits or lollies. We could also make a raffle and put each parent’s name in it and the prizes can be books or notebooks with pens and pencils.

    I found the lollies very distracting because after around 7 minutes almost every single lolly has been eaten and some parents didn’t even have a chance to eat 1 lolly or 2 lollies. I think putting out fruits and vegetables are better than lollies and biscuits because it’s more healthier.

    Year 3/4 Camp Night
    I think the camp night was a perfect one because of the food, it wasn’t just heathy and it wasn’t just unhealthy, it was a combination of both. I enjoyed the movie “Rio” because it was funny and also nobody out of the year 3’s and 4’s flung it boring. I also liked the circus teachers especially the clowning teacher because she was the funniest teacher out of all of them.

    I liked how we could create our own desert by just looking at a picture to see how it was set out and also it was quiet simple and quick to do. I didn’t find anything that I disliked, everything was perfect and I hope next year will be an even better one!
    Thanks. For reading!

  13. Dear 4H,

    Here are my reasons why I liked the Grade 3/4 camp night!

    I enjoyed the camp night because I liked how we made our own things like our desert and I also liked how we had the movie at the end because when I got home I was so relaxed by the movie RIO! I liked the clown her name was Alice and she was very funny when she told us to make a mirror image and my partner for the mirror image was Lina and she made me stand still in one foot and that was very tiring for me so she put her foot down!

    My other thing I liked about the grade 3 and 4 camp night was we each got to do some tricks with the staff that the circus people brought along so we could have
    a play with it and I loved those chocolate spiders but they did not really look like spiders at all! The chocolate spiders were delicious anyway.

    I loved the pizza and it was very delicious they ran out of margaritas so I got a Hawaiian and I did not like that pineapple one bit it taste very disgusting there was a lot of ham in the Hawaiian and boy did that taste good! I usually don’t eat Mars bars but I ate it and it taste delicious and it was better than Milkyway well first things first and Mars bars has caramel.

    The acrobatics was also good but I got a little squished because a person in my group was sooo heavy and I did not like that one bit and overall I liked the whole camp I did not dislike anything at all about the camp it was a very exciting day for the grade fours and the grade threes too!

    Thomas C

  14. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    Community Classroom:

    On Tuesday afternoon the 12th of August our families were invited to come into our classroom to see what we are doing in reading time. At the beginning two of our classmates, Tallulah and Ethan B gave presentation on what we do with our notes to track our thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think that what me and my Mum did was good because now at home when I’m doing reading at home she can help me with what we do at school too. I think the lollies weren’t a good idea because what everyone did is eat them instead of doing what they were their for. I feel like this Community Classroom was better then the others because the parents liked knowing what we do in reading so then they can help us at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Grade 3 and 4 camp:

    On Wednesday night the 13th of August the year 3’s and 4’s had camp at school. We were with each other in a group so we could do cooking and do fun things with the
    Fun-Fit people. At the start we all had a water and an apple and a nectarine that we could eat before we do the cooking and the Fun-Fit things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think the cooking was funny because we were having fun with what we were making like the racing cars and the tea pots. When we had to put everything together we used chocolate which was funny because I got the chocolate all over my hands. Also when we went with Ms Wellington and Miss McManus it was so funny because they were making up jokes that were so funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When went with the Fun-Fit people they were funny but not as funny as the clown who taught us clowning. At first with the clowning I thought she was a little scary but then she got funner and funner until I could not stop laughing. I thought when the Fun-Fit people arrived it was so exciting and I was hoping it was really going to be so fun like it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Towards the end of the night we watched a movie called Rio this was relaxing and lots of fun, a great way end a great night!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Bianca ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dear fellow 4H class members,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your feedback regard community classrooms and the 3/4 camp night.
    It is so great to hear that many of you and your parents were able to get a lot out of the Community Classrooms experience. The main focus of community classroom afternoons is to share our learning and also provide our parents with an insight to what is happening in the classrooms. Sounds like you all see it as a great success!!

    I really enjoyed the 3/4 camp night. It was wonderful to see all the children having fun. It is such a different experience being at school so late, isn’t it?
    Of course watching a movie is fun, especially when you class mates are around you? Did you enjoy the movie Rio?

    Great to read your comments!
    See you at school.
    Mrs Carabott

  16. Hello all of 4H and Mrs Ponzo,

    I agree with Mrs Carabott, it has been so wonderful reading all the comments in support of Community Classrooms and the Year 3/4 Camp night. Someone described the camp night as ‘perfect’ which is lovely to read, because it does take a lot of effort on behalf of the teachers to organise it and we are all so happy when all of the students enjoy it so much. Sounds like a double thumbs up to me. Now to look forward to Grade 5 camp at Sovereign Hill in Grade 5….! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mrs Trypis

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