Week 7, Term 3 – Excursion to Melbourne Zoo

This week we went on an exciting excursion to Melbourne Zoo! 

 Lemur 2

Write at least three paragraphs about your experience. 

Some questions to help you include:

What was your favourite animal?

What was your favourite part of the day and why?

What did you learn about  habitats and how we can protect them?

Why is the ecosystem an important part of the environment?

What actions will you take now?


15 thoughts on “Week 7, Term 3 – Excursion to Melbourne Zoo

  1. Hello 4H,

    Today I will be talking about my expirence at the Melbourne Zoo, and what I took on board about the animals and some of the things I did wrong to these creatures.

    When we first arrived at the Zoo we got into our groups. Then we went to see some animals. We saw Elephants, Baboons and much more. My favourite was the Snow leopard the reason why that is, I did my projects on this animal. And it was really cool to see it. I wonder how they can live in that sun they usually live in -60 to 30.

    Later on we had snack, then a man named Tom came up to us for our learning. We went inside a big room, We saw a red tailed cockatoo, it’s favourite food was some sought of nuts. Then we saw a snake I was really scared. I hate snakes but I did pat it. It wasn’t that scary. Then we were paired up in groups. Me and Noah got a Wombat. Wombats need grass and tress to survive. The reason is Wombats eat grass and normally live in tress. This was favourite part of the day because I learnt all about animals and their habitats, it was so fun.

    Later on we had our lunch it was beautiful. After that we saw more animals, then we saw the Hippo it was massive. I love Hippos two times the Hippo came up to the windows it was so awesome.

    Last we went back to school we had an awesome day. Thank you teachers I had a wonderful time with you.

    Regards Ethan B

  2. Hello Bloggers,
    I will be typing about the day at the Melbourne Zoo with my class and 4G!

    What animal I liked most was the lemurs because they are fluffy, they are adorably cute! (Kind of!) They also climb on trees and did loads of tricks and one of the lemurs almost fell but then he survived! Last time I went to the Melbourne Zoo the zoo keeper just used her arms to point to the directions to their home where they sleep and rest. Then all of the lemurs looked at the pointing direction and one by one, they all went to their own resting/sleeping room and they closed their tiny doors to rest! I wished that would’ve happened this time so then everyone could see what I would meant! They are so clever!!!

    One of my favourite parts of the excursion was when the Zoo Keeper (Tom) showed us to a room and our class were talking about habitats and something to do with interconnecting (I think that is how you spell it) in the wilds and without things that we need, then we all will not survive on this earth! The Zoo Keeper also showed us some animals from the tropical rain forest, sand deserts etc. He also showed us a cave room with a ‘nocturnal’ animal inside the dark room! I liked this part because I learned a lot more than the other sessions! The animals that Tom showed us are actually pretty endangered and we need to put a stop to this!

    What I learnt about habitats was when we and the animals needed the three things to survive in the habitat: water, food and shelter, they are the main things that we and the animals need to survive with.

    What actions I will be now taking will be no polluting the area with rubbish especially PLASTIC we can recycle it as many times as we can! What actions I could also do is that I can pick rubbish up when I see any. I can also stop wasting water, electricity etc. It is because if the water we waste that can be dirty goes in the water, and the animals that drink the water, they can be in serious trouble!!

    Hope you enjoyed reading my comments!!

    -Lina 4H

  3. hello 4H and miss ponzo Hope you enjoy readding

    1 What was your favorite animal?
    -My favorite animal was the elephants because i like the horns and the small child because he loves hes mother so much like us humans to.I like how the elephant was trying to get his mom to play with him and she might be saying no im tired i don’t want to get up.and i also like the way the small elephant was always flowing hes mother and him maybe always kissing her on the head i thought it was sooooo sweet.And i also like the way the mom cares for him/her because that shows the she loves him.

    2 What was your favorite part of the day and why?
    -My favorite part of day was when we went to the butterfly room because it was really cool and soo warm it felt like i was in my own room with the heater on and sleeping.Also when a butterfly was on Elles mom head it was funny i took a photo of it and when a butterfly was on Recces hand i wanted to take a picture of it but it flew away.I also liked it because i took a picture of a dangers caterpillar. And a cocoon that hatches into a butterfly

    3 What did you learn about habitats and how we can protect them?
    –I learnt that a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo habitat was a tree hole and for it to survive it needs food,water,air/oxygen,tree and a nest.We can protect the red tailed black cockatoo by no harming them or killing them for their fer or just killing them for no reason or just having fun.And protecting them by giving them food water and not making them die or so it docent get extinct alot.
    4 Why is the ecosystem an important part of the
    -Not sure what ecosystem mean but ill give it a try
    -Whats important about environment is to not to pulute in the environment but to help save the world and not killing the animals but about helping.I think to also not make bad choices and be a good steward ship instead of being a nasty person and destroying everything.

    5 What actions will you take now?
    -The actions that i will take is to help the animals and any animals you see do something a need about it like Mary macilop did.Also when their are birds on the streets don’t just run over them care for them and Evan if theirs someone behind you driving and he beeps the horn just ignore them and let the bird go because you are being a good steward ship

    Thank you for watchiing hope you enjoyed readding

  4. Dear 4H,
    And Mrs Ponzo

    Here are my thoughts:

    My favourite animal was the possum and how we saw that was Tom that lead us to a room where we did some activities we had 1 minute to look at the animals and I looked at that for a while he was very cute to me. the possum really stood out for me because most animals would be scared but the possum was not even scared it just stared at all of us! Another one of my favourite part was when the Hippo got close and it got near us but once again it is crowded with people and I could not see but I saw a bit just the skin it was very sort of rough that was what it looked like to me. I did not find anything that I dislike about the zoo besides the Seagulls that came when we were eating out lunch! That was not good at all!

    I learnt with Tom that you can’t take out one of those habitats or animals out because some animals only rely on bugs and if the bugs are gone the animals that eat bugs would not survive and if for and if the animals that eat what the animals with bugs eat everything would be dead except for the SUN!

    We should all take care of the environment so that all of the living things out there will not die and I will not litter (I don’t even litter anyway) or do bad things to the environment. I will save the environment and take care of our Earth just like what a Steward would do!

    Thomas C

  5. Hi 4h bloggers,
    Yesterday the year fours went on an excursion to the Melbounre zoo. This is my reflection after the wonderful excursion.

    I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful animals especially the peacock. I admire the peacock because of its beautiful feathers. Another animal I admired was the snow leopard because of the fur on its body and how cute the face looks.

    My favourite part of the day was when we went to a room with all these animals in small habitats along with a staff from the zoo. The staff who was teaching us about how animals into connect was Tom. He took two animals out of their small habitat so we could take a closer look at it and pat it. Tom took a Green tree frog and a snake that was not poisonous.

    I felt a bit tired and sleepy after walking for a long time around the zoo, but I’m used to it because of all the tours I went on in the countryside. When it was time to leave the zoo, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see very single animal in the zoo especially the Tasmanian devils and the Howe lord island stick insect.I felt really sorry for all the endangered animals that were in the zoo because they didn’t do anything to us but we did all the killing and made these innocent animals die.
    Thank you for reading!
    Kayla 😀

  6. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo,
    What was your favourite animal?

    The elephant is because that it was a female and it has a baby elephant and it was cute as and it was born at 2.40am on Wednesday and it name is Man Jai and I hope he doesn’t die like Mali and my second favourite animal is the spider monkey because it was funny and it was quiet and not having fun and I was looking at one of the spider monkey and think is he sighing and thinking by himself.

    What was your favourite part of the day and why?

    My favourite part is touching the snake and seeing a bilby because when I touch it the snake it made me feel like I feel gently and calm and made me feel like i’m in a calm place and have a fun time and the bilby it was quite fast and shy

    What did you learn about habitats and how we can protect them?

    We can stop destroying the habitat of the animal, we can breed them more and have a balance off the exactly the same amount [If we can try it will work or it won’t work] so be careful of the animal and take care of it.




  7. HI 4H Bloggers

    The Snow Leopard was I think the fourth, fifth or sixth animal we saw on Monday when we went to the zoo. Anyway we saw the Snow Leopards asleep. That’s because there the best at avoiding humans better then any other cat in the world. And another thing is that they become nocturnal when they sense unusual presents such as us human presents. There’s a lot of interesting facts about Snow Leopards that’s why they were my favourite animal, eventually in the zoo. And another reason why I liked them was because I did my power point on Snow Leopards.
    Besides the Snow Leopards my favourite animal would be the Samanchant Tiger.

    After snack Tom took us for a mini class about environments, habitats and how we can take care of the animals habitats/environments and any environments.
    MY favourite part of the class was when we got to pat the Red Snake and the Green Tree Frog. The snake was scaly and warm. The Tree frog was all slimy,wet,weird and soft. And also when we went into the cave to see the nocturnal animal that lives in the dessert. I think I spotted him but I’m not quite sure I spotted the right thing. But I did see a lot of food in the sand and sand pit thingy.

    What I learnt during Tom’s Educational Class.
    We have to help everything even if it isn’t a human.
    That everything is useful in different ways. So everything can help something else survive. I also learnt that Giraffes eat a lot of food. Snow Leopards sleep a lot. Spider monkeys are really really really good tree climbers. I think he can win first price in long and high jump in districts. And the Spider Monkeys are probably the most active animal i saw in the zoo.
    That’s all the facts I remember learning at the Melbourne zoo.

    What I liked about the Melbourne zoo excursion. Was the mini awesome class we had with Tom because it was really educational and fun.
    The free time part at the end of the day when we saw some animals in Madagascar was really fun and cool.
    And that we got to watch the Looney Tunes after the zoo so that was funny.
    I disliked how there was a sea life area but we did’t get to go there. I also disliked how we missed out on the Lions and all the other animals that we didn’t get to see. That we had to leave early and by that we didn’t get to see the other animals.

    by bloggers

  8. Hello earthlings,

    My favourite animal there was the butterflies because the coulors of them were beautiful. I got to hold one of the butterflies for a few seconds then it flew away.

    My favourite part of the of the excursion was the lesson because we learned the animals can be very interconnected in many different ways, like how the grass has to have bugs to have it stay alive.

    The actions I will take now are like what everyone else should do and not to litter, ever, unless needed to.

    Thanks for reading my comment!
    John 4H

  9. Hello,
    My favourite animal was the elephants. This was My favourite because their trunks were fascinating for me because I noticed that one of them were shorter than the other one. I also realised that the baby elephant had really small trunks and I wondered why because he was so big and tall already.

    My favourite part of the day is when we met Tom because he showed us and did an activity with us which included what if I took away. That was one of the activity’s. I also like this part of the day because Tom talked lot about interesting facts about animals and he also introduced us to the bird. He also said that sunflowers were like a treat to the bird and it grows tree’s well helps.
    What I learnt about the habitats is that they need different things to survive from predators or just find food and water. They also look for different things but mostly it comes from the same habitat that we live in. It’s important that we try to not take away the things that the animals need because some animals or insects help our environment more so we need our animals in our ecosystem.

    Now my action will be useful. I will try to stop all the bad things that is happening to our environment and the animals.

    Thank you for reading my comment

    from Jericho or like Mr Hewitt calls me jerichooo

  10. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    My favourite animal at the Melbourne zoo would be the Sumatran Tiger because tigers are my favourite animal. I love their colour, they are such an amazing animal to watch.

    My favourite part of the day was when we went to see the lemurs all of us loved it. It was a mysterious way of getting into seeing them because there were many doors before we could even get in.

    One of the actions that we can take now to look after our animals would be to not cut down trees because animals maybe living in the trees or using them as protection or shade.

    Ecosystem is an important part of our lives because this organisation helps to protect our animals and plants to make sure we can enjoy these beautiful things for many years to come.

    I always love going to the Zoo and can’t wait to go back again.


    Bianca 🙂

  11. Hello Everyone,

    My favourite animal was the ring-tailed lemurs because it was great that they could come up very close. It was also good that they could have a habitat that they could move around freely in!

    I learnt that everything relies on something like the leaf litter relies on trees. It is amazing that God can put everything on Earth for a reason! Every little thing is here for a reason even a fly!

    My favourite part of the day was the session because you could pat/touch different animals and I learnt lots of things! For example what I said in the paragraph before!

    I hope you enjoyed my comment


  12. Hi Mrs Ponzo and 4H
    My favourite animal at the Zoo was the Baboon because I could see lots of them and they came very close to the glass.

    My favourite part of the day was when we saw the lema’s because you can see them up closely and i liked where they lived. Also I knew that the lema comes from Madagascar because I watched the movie.

    What I learnt about habitats is that if you cut down trees
    Animals won’t get oxygen or will not get shelter. Another thing I learnt is that with out the animals the trees would not live anymore.

  13. Hello 4H
    On Monday we went on a excirtion to the Melbourne zoo with 4G and the perents. My favourite animal was the butterfly’s because you got to catch them and it was really fun. Reece from 4G got two of the same butterfly’s and he named it Bob. And then he got another one but he did not name it.

    It was fun going to learn about birds and everything and we even got to pet a snake and a green grass frog. The best thing in there was the cave. The cave had animals in there to and one of them were highly endangered.

    I liked it when they called a animal king gulian because it was the same animal in in a movie. Outside when we saw the animals it was going to be exiting because I never thought what was going to be there when I saw the door.

    For next time in Melbourne zoo if we go their I would like to go to the mini eqerium and see all the fish or other animals that are there. I have never been there but I will want to see it. I wonder if there is more animals there or more statues. I wonder if there is other stuff in the zoo and more people that are teaching all the kids about animals.

    • Hi Cristiano,

      Mr Hewett and Grade 4H would like you to edit your work.
      The areas that you need fix are punctuation and grammar. Don’t forget it is also improved to read over your work when you have finished typing.

  14. On Monday 25 of August the grade 4′ Melbourne Zoo. One of my favourite animals there were the lemurers because we got to see them up close, they can jump very high and they can climb faster then a monkey.

    My favorite part in the day was when I got to go to the learning room. It was my favourite part because I did not get peed on by the frog again!!! it was also my favourite part because I saw a baby bilby, the baby bilby looked like a mouse.

    At the Zoo I saw elephants tusks cut because there tusks were not sharp,there was also sand on their backs. The water in the little pool looks dirty because it was green.

    From Leanne

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