Homework – Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to a brand new term! This is our final term for the year so let’s make it a fun and enjoyable one!

You have all recently come back from two weeks holidays. Your task this week is to write a recount based on your holiday. You will need to:

  • Write a plan in your Homework Books
  • Write a draft in your Homework Books
  • Edit and revise your recount
  • Publish your recount on the blog

Your homework will be due: Tuesday 14th October 2014


29 thoughts on “Homework – Term 4 Week 1

  1. Hello 4H

    This is a recount on my holidays. Enjoy!

    Highpoint Fun!

    On the last week of the holidays my two Aunties, five cousins, my Grandma, my mum, my brother and I went to highpoint shopping centre because it was the holidays and also because I have not seen three of my cousins in a very long time. My two cousins and my brother wanted to watch Maze runner. But guess what they were too late! So they watched Guardians of the galaxy instead.

    When we got to highpoint we ate junk food well that was me. We didn’t eat breakfast at home. I will tell you what I ate I ate a large fries from Oporto (next door to McDonald’s). When we finished our food my cousins and my brother went to the movies to Watch Maze runner but Maze runner has already started so they decided to switch to Guardians of the galaxy and they did not tell us until the movie was finished. While they enjoyed their treat my three cousins along with me got to get a toy under $20 (No more than $20). My auntie took us to toys ‘r’ us and then I found the most perfect toy. My Grandma and mum and my other auntie had to go to the bank!

    Next we met up at Toys ‘r’ us and I showed my mum what I got, but I will tell you what toy I got in the conclusion. So a little while later we went to David Jones I could not stand the walking any more, so I was pretty glad that David Jones had at least one seat. I sat down and I had to take care two of my cousins while the others looked at clothes. I had a little play with my toys and also with my cousins toys. We all went to the lifts to go to the bottom level (Not including the people watching the Guardians of the galaxy).

    After that we did the most boring thing ever sit down and wait until the movie was done. A while later my auntie and three cousins left leaving only My mum, Grandma, my other auntie and I! How boring is that. Well about an hour later the movie was finished and I asked why did it take so long it was because after the movie was done they went to toy world and spent most of the extra money, they had to pay it back! Good thing that was not me!

    In conclusion I thought this day was tiring and also very running around and playing with my cousins! About that toy it was…… an Adventure time: Jake the dog toy. When I got home I went to lay on my bed for a while and next to me was Jake the dog from Adventure Time!

  2. Hi 4H bloggers,

    This my story about my holiday.

    One day, I was going to my sister wedding to see my sister getting married with Phi [ my brother in law ] and it was fun that we have a party and it had yummy food that Richard was there as well.

    There was Spaghetti or Pasta, Fish and Chips and Dessert and it was so yummy and we went home to go to bed and I could still taste the yummy food and I was tired.

    The next day we stay home for a long time and play video games and watched TV for some times and sometimes play with toys.

    Then we go shopping at High-point and bought stuff and I bought my brother a toy and I bought myself a toy and played.

    Then when we came home from High-point I stayed home home more in till I was going upstairs and downstairs and on and on and on.

    I was so bored that I played with the same toys and had a leg fight and fight until I was so bored and got even bored and bored

    Then I went upstairs again and played with my brother and did a leg fight and I threw a sock at my brother and I felt like it hurted a lot.

    Next day I play outside in the backyard and played with my teddies and my dad bought 2 patio tomato plants and two small, midget cherry tomato plants.

    My mum collects old chillies and some have seeds in them and I watch my mum planted chilli seeds into the plant pots.

    I watched mum a little longer and continue playing in the backyard more and then I went inside and went upstairs and played.

    It was bored of playing with the same toys and got even bored and tired.

    So it been so busy doing things and go even bored.

    but I went to my sister house and stayed for a sleepover but we didn’t.

    Me and my brother have to stay there for a little long and dad and mum went to work at bell street pizza and dad didn’t go to work.

    Then came school for Term 4 and it was back to normal again.


    Joseph 😀

  3. Dear bloggers,

    Hello everyone and I will be typing you my my holidays! so here it is!

    My Friends Birthday Party

    On Saturday the 4th, I was at my friends birthday party at flip-out and we were there with some parents to supervise us.

    The first thing we did at the party was going on the trampolines. The trampolines led us to a pile of foam blocks. We had to bounce all the way up to the end of the trampoline and do a flip. To be honest, I was pretty excited and nervous because I had NEVER EVER done a flip before. When it was my turn I had to do the flip. I jumped and I did a flip, YAY!

    The next thing the party was doing was eating time in the eating room. After we ate, it was cake time. We ate a ice cream cake (at least it didn’t melt!) After we ate the cake, we were going to a soccer place and it was awesome! I didn’t expect the birthday girl was planning this! Anyways, it was boys versus girls andI was thinking, uh-oh!

    At the start it wasn’t bad, but things started to go rough! The boys are kicking hard and my teams defenders were scared. And I was thinking, ‘Thats it! I’m changing myself to attack!’ And being attack was a good thing. But the weirdest thing happened, my teamates said to me, “Please can you solo soccer while we are taking a break?” I was actually mad because I ha to verse all of the boys on the field!

    They letted me have a free penalty and I scored! The scores so far for soccer was: Boys team: 3 goals Girls team: 4 goals. At the end of the game the girls came back and the parents gave us another 10 minutes to finish the game off. At the end of the game the scores were: Boys team: 5 goals Girls team: 7 goals! I was surprised that the girls team won!

    After soccer it was time to do rock climbing! For me, rock climbing was a bit scary for me! I have never EVER done rock climbing before so this will be my first! While I was rock climbing, I looked down for some reason and I even felt more scared. I almost fell down because my hand was aching, but I had to hold on. Later on, while I was rock climbing I had 4 injuries.

    When rock climbing was done, it was home time. The party was really fun (apart from the injuries) and awesome!

    Hope you enjoyed reading this peice,
    Lina 4H

    • Hi Lina! Super exiting holiday you had, and all of you! I am looking forward to hearing more of your holidays! 🙂

      P.S. Lina, I hope that you were OK when you injured yourself in rock-climbing. My worst injury in rock-climbing was a big burn, for me, it is the worst I have ever gotten in rock-climbing!

      -Tallulah 4G.

  4. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo and Mr Hewett,

    On the 3rd of October 2014 I went to Water Marc. I went with my Mum and Mothers Group. I saw Kye and his family. We went on the two types of water slides. We went because it was a fun activity to do during the school holidays.

    Water Marc was in Greensborough, it took us about half an hour to get there but the time went fast because we were listening to music the whole way there.

    At the fun and exciting water park we played on the water playground. Every 5 to 10 minutes a big bucket of water fell on our heads . When the bell rang everyone ran towards where the bucket fell.

    Kye and his sister went on the slides as well and they thought it was fun and crazily awesome.

    Kye convinced me to go on the miniature slides. Kye didn’t want to come on the slide with me again so his cute little sister said she would come with me. When we went on the short sharp slide we thought it was very fast.

    After that Kye, Dylan, Connor and I went on the big swirly slide. It was a very fun experience because it was very dark and we almost flopped out of the donut shaped tube. Before we went on the fast slide we had to take the donut shaped tube up the stairs to the beginning of the slide and we created a traffic jam.
    I went on most of the slides and I enjoyed them a lot.

    At the end of the day we got changed and went home. It was a great day spending it with mothers group and Kye.

    I thought it was an awesome day because I faced my fear and went on the different slides. By the end of the day everyone had fun and left with a smile on their faces.

    The End

  5. Playing at home

    On the 1st of October, me and my sister were playing barbie in our room because were bored.

    First we woke up and had breakfast and then brushed our teeth and got changed into our clothes and then we stated the game.

    Secondly we were getting ready for the game. The two Barbies got married. Then they had a big party after they got married.

    Thirdly we went to go and eat and we had a BBQ. I ate chicken and meat. Then we melted March mallow. Then we played outsaid with our bikes and I played the most on my bike.

    Lastly we went back inside and watched a movie on the TV. Then we went back in our room and read a book and went back on the game and they went back to sleep and me and my sister went to bed and will fall asleep wail I pray the rosary.

    I felt very happy on this day because I had so much fun with my sister.

    The end

  6. My holidays
    On the 2nd last day of the school holidays i went with my family, cousins, aunty and uncle to highpoint.

    when we arrived at highpoint we went into Gametime. At gametime i play lots of games, some of the games i played were block builder, the frog, and spin wheel and heaps more games but i couldn’t remember them all. My brother Luca won a thousand lot of tickets and then won another 750 tickets and i won 200. All together i won 400 tickets. My cousin got three packets of warheads and my brother Alessio got 2 packets with their tickets.

    After Gametime we went to a restaurant called Happy days. it was really busy. For dinner i got a burger with bacon, egg, meat and tomato sauce, chips. my whole family got burgers. I ate all my burger, it was really yummy.

    Finally we went to Lygon street in Brunswick. We went to a coffee and ice cream shop called the Gelo bar. I got three scopes of ice-cream on a waffle cone. The flavours i got were Mango, honeycomb and strawberry. My mum and dad got a latte with a piece of cake. My two cousins got only i scope of ice cream but i forgot what flavour they had. After that we went back home.


  7. Hello bloggers,

    I’m going to show you my recount-

    My day at the hot springs

    On the holidays, my mum, Lily, my two cousins named Jasmine and Justin and I went to the hot springs. We went there to have fun.

    First, we were in the car, Lily, Jasmine, Justin and I talked the whole way there. We had blankets and pillows, and I brought my Harry Potter and the Order and the Phoenix book, just in case. I didn’t get to read it because I was to busy talking. It took about two hours to get there.

    When we got there, my mum bought a locker and a robe. When we got changed, we hurried to the hilltop pool, because under 16 people weren’t aloud to go up there. The only time under 16 people are aloud up there was under 10 o’clock am. It was hot when I first in, but then got use to it. Then we went to the bottom pool.

    When, we went to the bottom pool, we stayed there for most of the time. That was when we met a new friend named Lily, as well. Jasmine, Justin,Lily and Lily played in the cold pool. I didn’t play with them because I hurt my elbow with with the pool floor. When, my elbow was better, we all went to the cave pool and other Lily went to ask her mum if she could come.

    When we came to the cave pool, there was a cave in the pool. We didn’t stay long for some reason. The cave also had a small window without the glass, a bird’s nest on the ceiling and it was filled with water. After that, we went to a few more pools and then went back into the car.

    When we went to the car, it was raining. Jasmine, Justin, Lily and I talked the whole way back again. The things we brought along didn’t really come in use. It also took about two hours.

    It was a surprising and fun day, because we didn’t know we were going to make friends with someone.

    That’s all for my recount.


  8. Dear 4H and teachers,
    Crazy Fun

    On the holidays Mateja & I went to our farm in Clunes. While we were traveling we got McDonalds. The trip takes 1hour & 30mins.

    when we arrived at 7pm I watched big brother and then I went to bed. In the morning we collected the eggs, there were 17eggs. At the farm we have 5 lambs the are so cute. Later on we went to Ballarat pools the pools are so cool. During swimming we had something to eat. At the pools there was a challenge, two people go on this pole and try to knock the other one in the water.

    After that we to mini golf the game was very tight betwe Then we went to the ice cream shop. I think it is the best ice cream shop en me & Mateja. I bet Mateja by 6 shots. It was lots of fun. Then we went to the ice cream shop. I think its the best ice cream shop in the world. I had rainbow and cookies and cream.

    Later on I was dropped off at Noah & Sebastians. First we played FIFA 15 it was fun, I scored a penalty and Sebastian won the game.

    A few moments later we played football outside. We set up small goals it was Noah and I against Sebastian. Noah and I won 186 to 116, we played for an hour it was tiring.

    After that we watch the grand final. The crowd was massive and it was so much fun. I didn’t like the game because smashed Sydney.

    That night Noah and Sebastian had a sleep over. In the morning we went to the park. We were playing on the spider web and later on we had fish and chips.

    A couple of days later Williamstown soccer team had there presentation. First we had a match against the parents. I scored a beautiful goal.

    Straight after that we got our trophies. Our Trophies were a man kicking a ball around a circle. It looked beautiful and everybody was so happy.

    I had a amazing holiday with family & friends

  9. Hello Mrs Ponzo and 4H. This is my story.
    Jericho’s School Holidays
    During the school holidays I was sometimes with my family or friends. I did so many things but I am only doing the interesting stuff.

    One of the things that I did is go to my ninang (it means God Mother) Graces birthday party. First I met up with my God sisters and brother at the house. There was so much food. There was roasted pig, pizza, spaghetti, fried rice and so much more that I didn’t know about. I also slept, ate, danced and woke up.

    After doing that I walked to the pool table that they had. I wanted to play so much but then the bad news came. I was going to Play but you have to sign up just to play. I was shocked and also it was my own God mother’s house and I am the God son.

    So after that I found out that I got to sleepover at my god brothers house. I was so excited because I haven’t been to their house in a very long time and I haven’t seen them in a while either.

    After the party and sleepover I went to my God-Sister’s house the next day. I was going to go home at 10. So at first we played pool. I took it easy on Valerie so she won after that, we ate pasta, we watched a movie called “Parent Trap.” But we fell asleep during the movie. When we woke up it was 8:00 pm. And I was thinking what year is it. But when that happened I went home . I was sad because I was supposed to come home at 10 instead 8:00 pm. So i watched cartoons.

    A few says later we watched maze runner with my friend and my brother and his friend. It was a good movie but I’m not going to talk about it because I don’t want to spoil it for you. After that we ate sushi and it was yummy.

    The last thing I did is go to my friends house. He got a new console and I played a games. I forgot what the title of the games were but it was fun. We also got to make funny videos. After that I spent the rest of the school holidays at home watching movies and doing other things that I don’t remember.

    Overall I thought it was a great school holidays. It gave me a smile on my face.

    Thank you for reading . Regards Jericho 12/10/14

  10. Hi Earthlings,

    The first thing we did on the holidays was we celebrated my brothers 8th birthday. Every single cousin or relative I know was there at the party. One of the presents that my brother got was a kite from my older cousin, Joshua. As a kid, he went to Our Lady’s.

    Josh also brought his skate board, so one of my persons to my brother was skate board lessons. My brother learnt in 10 minutes, so he was a fast learner.

    We celebrated my brothers birthday at a park, so we had enough space to fly the kite my brother got from Josh. The kite flew really high and it as high as the birds can fly.

    We played basketball, soccer, gang up tigi and hide and seek. In hide and seek, I was the 9th one found, and in the next game, my cousin, Benedict, was the seeker. In gang up tigi, I was the tagger, and I tagged 6 kids, in 5 or 6 minutes.

    At the end of the day, all the flying fox and we also had a race, and the other team won.

    I had great fun at the park and everyone else did.

    John 4H

  11. Hello Everyone,

    This is my published recount on my school holidays!

    During the school holidays I did lots of exciting things.How about I tell you about the most exciting thing! No, instead how about I tell you about the four main things I did during the school holidays! Yes, that would be much better than telling you about one thing.Anyway I should start telling you about my school holidays otherwise this recount will go on FOREVER!!!!

    The first main thing I did during the school holidays was cooking classes! The things I learnt how to make were Lasagne, Apple-Berry Pie and Apple Crumble and Mini Quiche. Apple Crumble and Mini Quiche were in the same cooking class! The cooking classes that I go to are at West Sunshine Community Centre. Each school holidays they have new things to learn how to make.

    The teacher that does most of the cooking classes name is Miss Ritchie. My brother Lucas goes to cooking classes too! Miss Ritchie lets us take food home if we bring a container. Sometimes we eat the food that we make at the West Sunshine Community Centre.

    The next main thing that I did during that school holidays was visiting Granne in Bendigo! Granne and I went to Bendigo by train. You have to take two trains to get to Bendigo!Granne was teaching me about the gold rush that happened in Bendigo because she is moving house and won’t live in Bendigo anymore! Granne borrowed some books from the Bendigo library about the gold rush for me. I stayed for two nights!

    The day after I had arrived at Bendigo Granne and I went to the police station to see if Granne’s lost driving glasses had been handed in by someone else and thankfully they had been handed in! After the visit to the police station we went to the Beechworth Bakery. The Beechworth Bakery is famous for it’s very yummy food! At the Beechworth Bakery I ate one meat pie, a strawberry Big M and an iced jam donut! The food I ate was very nice.

    The third main thing I did during the school holidays was when my mum, dad, brother Lucas, sister Samantha and I went to the beach house! The beach house is in Jan Jac. We got the whole beach house to ourselves! Lots f the time at the beach house we were playing cards. We had to bring our own food to eat at the beach house! We stayed at the beach house for two nights.

    Mum, dad, Lucas, Samantha and I watched the grand final together and had a grand final party. At the grand final party it was only the five of us! The grand final party had lollies, chips, popcorn, soft drinks and chocolate biscuits!The night of the day of the grand final mum, dad, Lucas, Samantha and I went to the pub. I had chicken schnitzel with vegetables, chips and gravy!

    The last thing I did during the school holidays was going to church for Samantha’s baptism and celebrating after mass!The mass was at Our Lady’s Church at 9 o’clock! Samantha wore the same baptism gown as my brother and I did! After the mass almost everyone who was at the mass even some people that didn’t come to the mass came back to our house to have brunch.

    Brunch included egg and bacon rolls, pancakes and apple-cinnamon waffles! On the pancakes and waffles you could have ice cream or fruit on your pancake or/and waffle or you could simply have it plain[if you wanted to]. Friends and family came after the mass! Some people even stayed for afternoon tea and some lunch! For lunch we had hamburgers and sausages and for afternoon tea we had jelly cakes, chips and fruit!

    I had a fun and exciting holiday.This holiday was a very memorable time in my life for me! I really enjoyed my school holidays and I hope you liked this recount about my school holidays!

    Written, Created and Made by: Mary
    Date:08/10/2014- 13/10/2014


  12. Term 3 Holiday

    During term 3 holiday my family and I had a great holiday.We went to many fun places and it included fun things.
    Would you like to hear it?

    The first thing I did on my holiday and what I do on every holiday is stay home and sleep in. I woke up at 12:00 PM IT WAS AWESOME. Sometimes I wake up at 7:00 AM and watch TV until my favourite show is on. Some mornings at 11:00 AM I play games with Nathan, Lina and Tam but mostly I play with Tam and Nathan. I play a game called Attack On Titan it’s really FUN.And also at five I sometimes play.Every night before I go to sleep I watch a movie, it could be any type of movie. And I could sleep at any time I would like. Sometimes I would play soccer outside. And I usually win! Most of the holiday I was SICK so I couldn’t do MUCH!
    That’s what I do at home and only home.

    Aunties house
    On the first day we went to our aunt’s we just settled in and slept because it took one hour and a half to get there. I then woke up and I felt sick. I vomited but luckily it wasn’t too much.When I woke up 10:00 my aunt and sister went to get McDonalds. I don’t what I had but it was really nice. My cousin showed me his ant farm it was really cool. It was full of ants digging to find food and it was full of dirt. At 2:00 PM we went to a swimming pool. It had a big slide, a really hot pool, swimming lane and a fun lane that’s what I call it. I spent most of the time in the fun lane because my brothers did. Once you go into the fun lane or the cold lanes and then move to the hot lane it feels really weird. I liked the slide it was epic. My favourite lane is the fun lane because it’s fun. On day three we stayed home and had fun. For lunch we had Mcdonalds. Then our dad took us home.

    The Union Festival
    Before the union festival we went to our mum’s friends house we played a little. And was off.
    When we got to the Union festival. I got a show bag straight away and my first ride was a ride that just spins around. It spins faster every two seconds.
    My second activity was Go Karts.
    I had to wait at least 15 minutes until it was my turn. When it was my turn my sister and I went into a golden kart. I got to drive so that was pretty cool. Everyone crashed into each other and I probably went around the track more than everyone else. They were all to focused on crashing and revenge.
    After go karts I went on a humongous slide.
    It’s a race whoever gets down first wins.. I came first because I was racing my younger sister and another girl the same age as me.
    Next we went on a really, really, really spinny thing.
    I had to wait in the line for about thirty minutes and I almost fell asleep. When it was our turn me my brother and sister all sat together. It turned round and round really fast and it felt really weird. I then got to eat. I ate a hotdog, ice cream and fairy floss. Then I went home.

    Two days later I went to the cinemas to watch step up all in with my cousin. It was an awesome movie and full of dancing. My favourite dance was the last dance. I had popcorn and a slurpy . After the movie I played a few games in the arcade. I played two rounds of this game when your supposed to score goals in a certain amount of time. I also saw Kye and his family. I also watched TMNT which stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    A few days later I went to a barbecue with Mewal and his family. I first saw and went on the flying fox and had like 10 shots and went on a humungous slide but it wasn’t that big I went in that about five times. When we ate everyone got one drink and as many hot dogs as they want. I only ate two. My family left the earliest.

    And pretty much I stayed home the rest of the time. I did whatever I always do and play games. And on the last day I slept. And I had to study everyday.
    On Monday my dad got a new car.

  13. Spring Holidays
    On the spring holidays i had an exciting time. I did many amazing things such as going to the Royal Melbourne show and also celebrating a party with my cousin. I had these exciting times with my Mum, Dad, Brother and also my friends.

    On the school holiday, I was lucky enough to go to the Royal Melbourne Show with my family. We had so much fun and we went on lots of rides and brought some showbags.

    On the school holidays I spent a few days with my best friend Ethan from school. I slept over his house and we played lots of different games together and we went to the park on our scooters and played on the playground.

    I was very lucky to go to my cousins birthday party on the school holidays. He is fur years old and he had a reptile party and a man brought some diffrent reptiles for us to see and touch.

    I managed to play lots and lots of soccer over the school holidays with my brother Sebastijan and with my soccer team who had a tournament at Keilor soccer club and we finished runners up.

    I love being on school holidays as i have so much fun with my friends and family and i get to stay up really late over the weekend as it is not a school week

  14. BEST TWO WEEKS !!!!
    On the first day of the school holidays I went to the Melbourne zoo with Sunshine primary school. I saw Abbey there. When we got back we built a fort with Imogen, T (I never found out her real name) and Milani.

    The second part of the 1st week I went to the Werribee zoo with St Albans primary school. I didn’t know Werribee zoo was so small. I loved the safari that we went on.

    The rest of the week I stayed at home. On the 28th we went to Slimefest which had performers dancing and slime. We saw Dami, Cody, Ali Simpson and more awesome people.

    After that I stayed at my aunty’s until Wednesday. On Wednesday it was my cousin’s birthday and we went to the Melbourne zoo. We had cupcakes, fairy bread and chocolate crackles.

    Thursday I went to Bounce. It was so much fun but one girl got lost and couldn’t find her mum. I hurt my ankle and Milani hurt her leg.

    I spent the whole holiday with Milani and we even got to have a massage at a spa.

    By Taylah

  15. Dear 4H,

    During the school holidays my family and I went to the Melbourne show because we wanted to have an exciting holiday. We met some pretty big animals like sheep, cows and there was even a horse show it was so hilarious for me when a horse transform into a tiny pony.

    Another amazing thing we went on was the Ferris wheel; I was so excited when we made it up to the top you could see an amazing view of the city and the whole showgrounds. The next thing we went to was the animal nursery there were lots of animals to pat and I even got to brush a goat, it was so soft.

    I even saw my cousin Tristan and we painted rocks and planted plants and I planted a herb and a flower.

    The best thing about the show was the show bags. I chose the Pokemon show bag and Adventure time show bag. I also got one more which was a lolly show bags which was a war head show bag.

    After the show I went to my Lolos house and gave my uncles some war heads to taste and when they ate it their faces were so disgusted when they ate it.

    The next thing we did was watched a movie called The House of Magic; it was a great movie for kids to watch even my parents liked it to and I thought it was a new and great movie to watch. We also got to watch The Box Trolls, with my grandma. My favourite part of the movie was when egg lived with the box trolls and it was funny and strange.

    My family and I went to Water Marc it was a swimming pool with a huge water slide and a small water slide. It was so fun I kept on going on it and I even saw Bianca with her friends and we all went on the big slide together I had so much fun. I even went under a big bucket filled with water and it wets us really well that were awesome and cool.

    My sister had a birthday party at KidzMania. We had a lot of fun with our family and friends. My cousins had a sleep over at my house and we had the awesome time.

    During the holidays my dad took us fishing at the Maribyrnong River and my little sister almost caught a fish. We crossed a rock bridge and followed a path on the other side and my mum spotted a huge fish in the water and took a photo. When we walked further down the path my dad spotted a red kangaroo and I was so close to a wild kangaroo.

    My school holidays were full of adventures and amazement.

    Regards Kye 🙂

  16. Hi 4H bloggers,
    This is a recount about my holidays.
    Title:Martin’s Party
    During the two-weeks holidays, on the first Sunday, my cousin Martin, invited me to his birthday party. They were having the party at an indoor playground. Lots of people came to the party to celebrate.

    Martin invited almost every single aunty and uncle in Australia. He also invited cousins (I was one of the cousins that he invited) and also his grandpa and grandma. Only two of Martin’s friends were invited.

    We started off by exploring the playground. There was a ball pit in the middle of the playing area, six long slides, small short slides and other things to play with.

    As soon as everyone came, we went to the party room to eat. There was pizza, chips, fairy bread and party pies. For drinks , there was water, green cordial and orange cordial. When everyone was full, we took photo because there was a pretty backround in the party room.

    After the photos, everyone raced to the playground. I had to baby-sit one of my cousins named Sophie, and make sure if she’s alright. Luckily, two of Martin’s cousins, Isabelle and Brianna decided to help me baby-sit Sophie so that I wouldn’t feel lonely baby sitting Sophie alone.

    After a few hours, everyone started leaving the party, but Martin’s parents said that the party will still go on at Martin’s house. Martin’s mum said to pack our sleeping bags if we were having a sleepover. Not everyone was sleeping over ,but my brother Kevin, and I were sleeping over and we’ve already packed our sleeping bags.

    After that, everyone went home and some got ready to go to Martin’s house with a sleeping bag. When everybody came to the house, we started off by, eating our lunch and blowing up some balloons for decorations. Some of the balloons popped when we pumped them up with air.

    Once everybody finished eating and decorating the house, it was time to sing ” The Happy Birthday Song”. The cake was a chocolate cake and there were also chocolate cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes had chocolate frosting on it and it tasted delicious!

    Next, it was time for Martin to open all the gifts and presents. Martin got a plush toy of Peppa Pig and a plush toy of George( Peppa Pig’s brother). Martin’s favourite present was the four fish. There was a white fish,yellow,silver and black. There were lots of other gifts but Martin didn’t like them as much as the fish.

    After, opening all the presents, Martin decided to have a little disco upstairs. Martin’s dad put music and colourful lights on and all the kids were dancing like it was a huge disco. The music was so loud that I could hear it downstairs.

    It was time to go home and some of us to have a sleepover. Everyone was tired and sleepy so everybody was glad that it was sleep time. Even I was so tired that I was the first one to fall asleep.
    The next day,in the morning,we walked to the park. I thought it was fun walking to the park because we met a lot of dogs and got to pat them. I got to touch two or three dogs and they were so small and cute!

    After a while, we we walked back home to Martin’s house and planned to go swimming. We started to pack our swimming clothes and towels into our swimming bags. Once we were done, Martin’s mum drove us to a pool with a wave pool. A wave pool was a pool which makes fake waves. I had a lot of fun swimming in the awesome wave pool. We spent about two hours at the swimming pool.

    Martin got bored of swimming so he wanted to go home. That means everyone everyone who went swimming with us had to go home. Everybody got changed and then we went home.

    When we got home,we got to make our own pizza for dinner. I only put cheese and tomato sauce on my pizza base and it tasted good when it was baked! We ate dinner around 6:00pm and everybody enjoyed eating our pizza for dinner.

    It was a cool sleepover and party to come to, but now it’s ended. I had such a great time because this was my very first sleepover I’ve ever had in my whole entire life!!!!!
    Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed!
    From Kayla 😀

  17. Hello 4H bloggers

    On Saturday my family went to my grandmas house. And as every weekend our cousins came to the place and he had so much fun. Like going outside and playing some cool video games.

    On Sunday we did the same thing but less people were there and he spent more time going to the cuby house and going outside to play. But on Saturday I slept over at my cousins house because my mum and dad and my sister had to go to a party.

    Monday me and my sister went to my grandmas house becaus my sister wanted to go out and my mum and dad had to go to work. Two cousins were there but they went out with my sister. I didn’t go because I weren’t allowed to go with them.

    Tuesday I stayed home watching TV, and playing some games like need for speed or street fighter x Tekkenand Grand Theft Auto 5. But first I wachted a movie on the computer. It was good because our computer is connected to the TV.

    Wednesday Thursday and Friday was all the same but on Wednesday I went to my grandmas and it was the sme thing on Thuusday. On Friday I stayed home playing some games.

    On Saturday I want to my grandmas house and about 1:00pm we wnt to the shops and I met my cousins there and my sister. It was at this place called intensity in sunshine market place.

    When I’m at my cousin she was playing basketball with a friend and I didn’t know it was her. But I came closer and saw her face. Then I went out there and played with them. A little later they said there will come back.

    Then my sister and my other cousin were coming to the arcade and they were playing. And my cousin came and she said let’s go find the parents.

    On Sunday all most all my cousins went there and it was so much fun get going outside and getting to talk to each other. And to play games. Just the same as some weekends.

    And on Sunday my mum said she did not have work. So we went to my Gramma’s house and only one cousin was there. Another cousin was There with his brother and sister and we had fun all together.

    Next we got the cousin that was already there and another cousin at their house. We picked both up and got some pizza for a sleepover. There was a sleepover because we had to go to the festival where everything was free.

    When we got there we first went on their Dodgin cars then I did a race and got some food and drinks. There were even ice cream there in the yummiest would be the hot dog.

    On Wednesday I went to my Gramma’s house and my two cousins were playing outside and some loom bands with me. And my sister.

    On Wednesday out our cousin came and his dad took three people to the arcade in high point and it was very fun. At the end we got bubble cup.

    My cousins dad said we could go to his place and all of us said yes. We went to his house and we were the first people in sunshine to see it Built.

    Next we went to the park and in 25 minutes we had to go back because the wind was too strong. We went back to my Gramma’s house.

    What time we had to go back to my cousin said my sandals are on the floor and my uncle said don’t worry about your sandals let’s go. But we were at the park going to leave.

    On Sunday to all my cousins came over to our place and we had lots of fun like play a lot of games. And we slept in 12 PM! My two cousins into my room on the mattress.

    The next day we played some minecraft and then we’ll ate some egg. Then we played some soccer outside. Later we went to my Gramma’s house and had some fun.

    And that was my holiday regards Cristiano

  18. Hi Mrs.Ponzo

    My family,me and my family friends
    In the holidays
    Lots of places
    Had fun

    On 4th of October I went to my friends house because,they bought a new house so we went there for Housewarming. It was for 12 HOURS !!! There were lots of people I that did not know. When I saw a boy behind me I started to think he would be :

    1) Quiet
    2) Nice
    3) Younger than me in age

    but, when we started to know each other I realized he was :

    1) Loud,noise
    3) Older than me in age

    he was the opposite of everything I thought would be nice about him.His name was Yuvaraj

    The next day it was my cousin’s 8th birthday, so we had a party at the Sunshine Leisure Center . After 2:00 pm we went to his house because the party was not ended yet. The party started at 11:00 am it ended at 12:00 pm .His name is Shshank he is in Mrs.Cavka’s grade 2M !!! I had lots of fun and I was tired as well.

    I had a great holiday but, hope to have more fun at India because that’s the next holiday I’m having with my WHOLE FAMILY !!!!

  19. Hello 4H and Miss Ponzo
    My holidays
    On Thursday the 20th of September i went to the Melbourne show.I went with my whole family.We were going to have fun.When we first arrived their i got a hot dog and a yummy toffee.Then i went on the 10 scariest rides.I almost fell off my seat.I screamed on every ride.Then my cousins came to sleep over for a week.When they left on Thursday we went to Crowns.It was really cool and the food was yummy.In crowns when we were having our dinner In crowns i had a stake with a tasty sauce drizzling down.I also had a lemonade drink with it.Then for desert i had a ice cream with chocolate icing and cherry on top with strawberry’s around it.When we got home our tummy’s were hurting so we got medicine and the next’s day we felt better.Then i went to the sunshine festeville and i saw Remi and Noah there. it was so cool i went on this thing that swings around with Remi i was scared but remi was just calm cause she thought it wasn’t scary.

    I hope u enjoyed reading this
    from nyandeng

  20. WOW !
    what a great record of your RECOUNTS 🙂
    They are stored digitally forever!
    This is really cool. I hope you showed your family what wonderful writers you are…?
    Remember to engage your family, parents and overseas family especially, IN YOUR LEARNING through this blog. It is so simple to do.
    See you soon,
    Miss Carmel

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