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Simple machines


I am able to…

  • Locate information on an intranet and use a recommended search engines
    and key words to locate information from websites.

  • Use ICT tools to list ideas, order them into logical sequences and
    identify relationship between them.

CLICK HERE to access simple machines website

FACTS : simple machines

More simple machines

Facts for students

ENG quest for students

About education – what is a simple machine?

Videos and more information about simple machines.

Kids connect – includes some animations and fast facts

A cool KIDS physics page – all about simple machines

Ducksters PHYSICS for kids

LINKS to more info about simple machines

 Your task:

  • create a Google doc or presentation (slide show)
  • multitask between the WEBSITE and your work
  • take notes, list your ideas from the information you read
  • add images where you think you need them
  • find LINKS between the information if you are able to

Week 9 and 10 term 3 


Why are Sumatran tigers under threat?

Link to the answer garden CHAT

Mission to save an endangered parrot

Link to the answer garden CHAT

Amazon Beef Production 

Link to Today’s meet discussion

Palm Oil

Link to Today’s meet discussion



Tasmanian Logging


Here are the LINKS from our week 3 post – in case you did not have time to see them all:

Video: Great Barrier Reef, from Behind the News

Video: Orangutans, from Behind the News


TIME looks at the plight of one of Earth’s most charismatic creatures


Officials close schools and ground flights as dense smog shrinks visibility in Harbin, a city in China


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