Holiday Page

If you and your family go on holidays you will now be able to share this experience with us all!

Tell us what you are doing, what you are seeing, how you are feeling etc! You can also email me a photo of you on your wonderful holiday and I will upload it the blog.

Happy holidays, and have fun!


9 thoughts on “Holiday Page

  1. Hi 4H and Mrs Ponzo

    It’s me Bianca
    I’m leaving to go to Thailand at 2:00 today with some family’s that I know. I hope you have a nice school holiday

    Bye everyone

    Bianca 🙂

  2. Dear Bloggers,
    Hello and I will be telling you about my holidays!

    Last Thursday I was going on the holidays with my cousins at Crown to watch a movie called ‘Maleficent’. When I was there watching the movie, it was a very adventurous! When I finished watching the movie, my mum said that she kept the tickets to the movie and then I remember why I had to keep the tickets, BECAUSE of THE SEEDS! That day when I came home, I kept looking for seeds for school and the next day, and the next day and the next day!

    Hope you also had a great holiday too!

    -Lina 4H

    • Hi Lina,
      Wow your holidays sounded amazing! Great to hear that you kept the tickets as seeds for your writing workshop.
      I hope you enjoy the term ahead!
      Mrs Ponzo

  3. Hi 4H, 4G and all the teachers,

    I’m in Malaysia for 4 hours then I’m off to Vietnam for the rest of the 3 weeks. I’m here eating breakfast with my mum, Lily, my uncle and my auntie.

    We went on Air Asia and it was a bit bumpy, we also slept there! I was watching on my IPad but I managed to go to sleep without noticing.

    Hope you have a fun time learning!

    From your friend

    • Hi Mia,

      It is lovely to hear from you. We all hope that you have a safe and exciting trip. We look forward to hearing all about your holiday soon.

      Mrs Ponzo and 4H

      • Dear 4H and Mrs. Ponzo,

        I’m in Vietnam now. I was just wondering how The Book Week Parade went.

        Vietnam looks really poor, and there’s lots of motor bikes. They park their motor bikes on the footpath!! There are motor bikes everywhere! I think the red and green traffic lights count down from 55 and the orange traffic light counts from 2.

        From your friend on holiday,

        • Hi Mia,
          The Book Week Parade was very fun and exciting. What would you have come as if you were here?
          Sounds like Vietnam is a very, very busy place to say the least.
          Stay safe!

          Mrs Ponzo and 4H

  4. Hi Mrs. Ponzo and all the children of 4H,

    To answer your question, I would be someone in Harry Potter, a Ninja or Little Red Riding Hood. What was the charters that most people wore for Book Week.

    In Vietnam there are not much pets, I only saw about 5 or 6 dogs, but there were lots chickens. Vietnam is very polluted, they mostly throw away plastic 🙁 ! Lily really loves going shopping but to me it’s so boring, I only want to go toy shopping! Lily and I went on a motor bike! It was the best way to travel in Vietnam (Plane is the best!) It’s so hot here that I swet a lot.

    From Lily in 3E and Mia in your class.

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